A Simple Explanation of Johnny Depp’s Situation

written by chase bridges

Johnny Depp posted on instagram this morning that Warner Bros has asked him to resign from the new Fantastic Beasts movie. Depp was set to play Gellert Grindelwald and had even began filming this month in Australia.

This resignation comes just a few days after the ruling of his libel trial against the UK publication ‘The Sun.’ The Sun had called Depp a “wife-beater” in one of their articles, and Depp sued them for it. However, after a summer long trial the results were not in Depp’s favor. The trial was held in the UK and the judge found The Sun not guilty of libel.

Personally, I read every transcript of the court case over the summer. Sitting on the edge of my seat as I watched the truth come out in front of the entire world. It was very apparent through all of the evidence provided that not only was Johnny Depp innocent, but he was the actual victim of abuse.

From pictures of Johnny Depp’s beaten face, to audio recordings of his ex-wife Amber Heard admitting that she abused him; the entire world realized how wrong they had been about Depp. Amber Heard had falsely accused him of abuse, and everyone believed it.

I can only imagine how hard it was for Depp to be abused (both physically and mentally) over a very long time, and then have everyone turn their backs on him. He lost his role of Jack Sparrow in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, along with a lot of other work.

One bright light in the darkness however, was that Warner Bros and JK Rowling defended him through it all and kept him in their Fantastic Beasts franchise. Even though everyone persecuted all of them for keeping him in the films.

So why is he getting fired now? All that the court case ruled, was that ‘The Sun’ didn’t commit libel. It does not mean that Johnny Depp is guilty of domestic abuse, all that it means is The Sun is no longer being sued by Johnny Depp.

So why would Warner Bros ask him to resign? After defending him the entire time, why stop now? Perhaps they just want to cut ties with anyone involved in that kind of thing all together. However, Amber Heard is still set in the Warner Bros. ‘Aquaman 2’ movie. Why does she get to keep her job after all of this evidence against her?

What about Ezra Miller, who plays along side Johnny Depp in the Fantastic Beasts films? He was filmed earlier this year choking a female fan outside of a bar. Warner Bros. didn’t ask him to resign from the films.

Johnny Depp had his finger sliced off due to Heard, had a cigarette put out on his face by Heard, along with so many other terrifying incidents. It is absolutely ridiculous for him to be treated like the bad guy when he is 100% the victim in this situation.

To listen to the recording where Heard admits to abusing him: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7947733/Amber-Heard-admits-hitting-ex-husband-Johnny-Depp-pelting-pots-pans-tape.html

To read the court transcripts from the entire libel case: https://www.nickwallis.com/depp-trial-court-transcripts

Watch 21 Jump Street – No Not The One With Channing Tatum

written by chase bridges

If you over hear someone talking about 21 Jump Street now a days, you would assume that they were talking about the action comedy film starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. And while we here at Exciting Incident enjoy that movie, as well as the sequel 22 Jump Street, we want to highlight the source material.

21 Jump Street was a crime drama that aired from 1987 to 1991. The show centered around a group of baby-faced cops who went undercover in local high schools solving crimes. The show gained tons of popularity due to its tackling of real life issues, and of course jump-started the career of Johnny Depp.

Depp played the lead, Tom Hanson. A young cop with anger issues after the death of his father turns him into the hardest working cadet at the academy. Along with Sergeant Hoffs (played by Holly Robinson), Officer Penhall (played by Peter DeLuise), Sergeant Ioki (played by Dustin Nguyen), and being led by Captain Adam Fuller (played by Steven Williams), the team went on to a five season run before eventually being cancelled.

The first half of season one, did not age well watching it back in 2020. However, the second half of the season has a huge increase in the writing which causes the show to become the classic that it is. Getting to watch Johnny Depp take on different under cover identities in the effort of catching the bad guy is extremely fun, and really shows how great of an actor he was and still is.

The show did something that a lot of current shows often fail to do. Which is slowly but genuinely build a bond and relationship between each of the characters, making the audience truly care about the stories as they unfold.

The brother like bond between Tom Hanson and his partner Penhall has you so invested in them, that when something happens to them, you really care. Same goes with the father and child like bond between Captain Fuller and his team.

The show proceeds to get even better for the second season, having some of the greatest episodes in the series. The third season following suit by introducing new character Detective Booker (played by Richard Grieco) and adding a whole new dynamic to the team.

But as much as I love this show, there are always going to be flaws.

One of these big flaws is the lack of fleshing out the whole team during the first two seasons. We see a rotation episode to episode. This episode we see Depp and DeLuise go undercover together, the next week we see Depp and Robinson, the week after that we see Robinson and Deluise.

Do you see the missing element? They have a whole other person on the team that was never highlighted. Ioki. We would go episodes without even seeing him! Sometimes, he would show up for thirty seconds just to say that he’s doing paper work in his office. Heck, even Captain Fuller would go undercover with the team on occasion leaving Ioki to hold down the fort back at the station.

This situation gets better after season two however, as Johnny Depp begins his hatred for the show and slowly leaves the fore front, Ioki gets utilized more often. Teaming up with Penhall and Hoffs in local high schools. Even getting his own entire episode giving him a very in-depth backstory.

Another issue with the show, is after season three, Johnny Depp began doing everything he could to get out of the show. Phoning in his performances, refusing to do certain episodes, etc. He didn’t agree with how some of the episodes handled their sensitive topics such as race and sexual assault. He eventually leaves the show after the fourth season.

Depp was a huge reason that the show is as good as it is, so when he checks out (figuratively and literally) the show takes a dive in quality. Depp isn’t the only one done with the show, as Nguyen also leaves after season four.

Grieco left the show after season four to star in his own spinoff show Booker, and DeLuise’s Penhall was reduced to a minor role for the last season. With a majority of the main cast leaving, the fifth and final season did not do well at all.

McQuaid brothers Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com

This show has some absolutely awesome moments, such as when Hanson and Penhall go undercover as THE MCQUAID BROTHAS!!! or the episode Orpheus 3.3 where Johnny Depp gives the best performance of the entire show. It is jam packed with awesome crime solving, comedy, and action. All while giving a really down to earth story about a group of co-workers and how they become a family.

I can’t recommend this show enough, and it is available to stream on Amazon Prime and NBC’s new Peacock streaming service. If you are looking for a new show to binge this weekend, this is the show to watch!

Cry-Baby | The Underrated Masterpiece of 1990

Cry-Baby (1990) Directed by John Waters Shown from left: Traci Lords (as Wanda Woodward), Johnny Depp (as Wade ‘Cry-Baby’ Walker), Ricki Lake (as Pepper Walker), Darren E. Burrows (as Milton Hackett), Kim McGuire (as Hatchet-Face)

Written By: Chase Bridges

With films such as Grease and Hairspray hitting pop culture hard in the 80’s, it was about time that someone came in to make fun of it all. The art of parody has been mastered by many in the world of cinema over the years, most notably by big names like Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder. However, when it came to creating the parody for the greaser genre who was better than one of it’s originators?

John Waters just came off of the hit film Hairspray, and decided to poke fun at it with his next film. He wrote and directed Cry-Baby, starring Johnny Depp. The film is about a young juvenile delinquent named Crybaby, and his gang of “drapes.” They are a white trash gang consisting of Crybaby’s sister, Pepper, who even though is only 16 has two kids and one on the way. A girl named Hatchet Face, her boyfriend Milton, and a blonde bombshell named Wanda.

This gang is living the good life at their favorite hang out, Turkey Point. Which is owned by Crybaby and Pepper’s grandparents (played by Iggy Pop and Susan Tyrell.) Not only are they all best friends but they’re also a band! Performing rock and roll with King Crybaby himself as the lead singer.

When Crybaby falls in love with Allison, who is a square (the preppy kids in town), things descend into chaos. Its the classic Romeo and Juliet forbidden love that we all love to see. A giant turf war breaks out between all of the drapes and the squares. Sending Crybaby to prison!

Will Crybaby get out of prison? Does he get the girl? Will Pepper have her baby?? I’m not going to tell you. You should definitely watch the film for yourself as it is an absolute masterpiece that has somehow been hidden in modern pop culture. So what makes it so great?

This film does everything right, it makes fun of films like Grease while still telling a really fun story for itself. The acting is top notch, but not in the way that you think. The actors perform the goofy lines so dramatically, that it would give the cast of Riverdale a run for it’s money. The overacting does a great job of making fun of how awkward it is for adults to say high school slang like John Travolta does in Grease.

The cast does a great job of over acting, but they also excel at the comedic delivery of the actual jokes. Hilarious one liners such as “My brother wouldn’t touch your titties with a ten foot pole!” are perfectly timed throughout the entire hour and a half film. Johnny Depp, coming off of the hit show 21 Jump Street, gives a performance that shows just how talented he really is. Nailing the goofy, over exaggerated, bad boy character that cries a single tear whenever he’s sad.

Another layer of this comedic onion of a film, is the music. Crybaby and gang sing a total of twelve songs in the film, all of them home runs. Whether it’s Crybaby introducing himself to the audience with the song “King Cry-Baby” or Allison begging for his release from jail with the amazingly catchy “Please Mr. Jailer.” The songs are just as entertaining and catchy as all of your favorites from Grease, West Side Story, Hairspray, etc.

Johnny Depp as Cry-Baby Walker

After the film, John Water’s took his latest creation back to the stage and Cry-Baby actually went on to enjoy a run on Broadway. The musical even acquired quite a bit of success, getting nominated for four Tony awards.

The film is one of my personal favorites in the comedy/musical genre, and over the years it has become something of a cult classic. However, I don’t think that’s good enough for a film as hilarious and fun as this one. I highly recommend it, and hope you think of it for your next movie night at home.

Have you seen Cry-Baby? Tell us about it!