Moon Knight – Everything To Know About The MCU’s Next Hero


Moon Knight is the latest hero to join the MCU, through an upcoming Disney+ show starring the long time Marvel character. I’m a huge fan of Moon Knight, and I have always been drawn to the dark tone of the comic series. It could be serious and grounded without it reaching a level of intensity and gore like a modern Punisher comic. For those who haven’t heard of Moon Knight, here’s a bit of history of one of the most underrated Marvel heroes.

First appearing in ‘Werewolf by Night’ Issue number 32, Moon Knight made his debut as a villain. Hired by a villainous group called ‘The Committee’, Moon Knight was to capture “The Werewolf” for the organization. Moon Knight hunts down The Werewolf and manages to injure him with his signature crescent darts. Towards the end of issue, Moon Knight realizes what The Committee really stands for and helps The Werewolf break free. Moon Knight later had his origin redefined in his own ongoing series.

Doug Moench was a comic writer who was approached by many different colleagues to take a shot at writing the character in a more heroic way. Doug eventually saw the potential that his colleagues did, and wrote a new origin for the character.

The new origin story goes as follows: Marc Spector, a mercenary for hire, soldier of fortune- died in an Egyptian tomb where he was “supposedly” revived by Khonsu (The Egyptian God of the Moon). Marc went on to fight his former mercenary boss and returned to America to fight crime as the Fist of Khonsu. Marc took on multiple roles to help him get information on the street that helped in his quest to fight crime.

Moench wanted a more realistic superhero that would make sense in the real world. He figured the hero would need multiple guises to get information from the thugs on the street AND the upper class, hence Moon Knight’s ‘Steven Grant’ and ‘Jake Lockley’ personalities. Along with his guises he also need a supporting cast of characters to help in his mission to fight crime.

Crawley, a sophisticated homeless man who is always able to get info from the street level thugs. Gena and her kids, a woman who owned a diner that he visits frequently. Marlene, the girlfriend of Moon Knight’s Steven Grant personality (side note: she loved all of his personalities but Steven was her favorite). And finally, Frenchie, the former mercenary partner to Marc Spector, friend, and a pilot for Moon Knight.

One of my favorite Moon Knight issues addresses how complex the character really is. In the issue, he fights a villain named Stained Glass Scarlet. Scarlet was a nun, an actress, and a villain (sort of). Scarlet uses a crossbow to murder the mob bosses that had gotten her son addicted to drugs. Scarlet managed to take them out one by one until only one remained.

She was at a stand off with the final boss, with her crossbow aimed at him, and his gun aimed at her. Moon Knight bursts through the door with only one crescent dart in hand. Moon Knight hesitates on which to go for but ultimately chooses the gun. Scarlet shoots the mob boss with her bow and the deed is done.

The man is dead and Moon Knight failed to stop it. He chases Scarlet to a train track but she gets away. After it was all over, he asks his friend Frenchie if a loser can ever truly be a winner. The final word box of that issue is that he will never know. To me, that is fantastic writing and it kept me hooked on every page.

At the top of my favorite Moon Knight stories list, is an issue called, “Hit it!” A man runs through the streets of New York punching and beating anyone in his way. Moon Knight sees the trail of beaten and bloody men and follows it finding the culprit.

We find out that the reason the man was lashing out was due to the fact that he had just lost his dad. His father was abusive and beat him as a child, and now that his father was dead, he had no way of dealing with it. So instead of being able to give his father the beat down he felt he deserved, he took it out on everyone else.

When Moon Knight hears this, he chooses not to beat on him. The man unable to process his emotions, punches Moon Knight in the back of the head. The man screams at Moon Knight to hit him back, begging for a fight. Moon Knight falls for the bait and throws punch after punch until the man goes down. After leaving the scene, Moon Knight punches a wall, furious with himself. The final word box of that issue is “And so. The drum beats blood red, forever.”

For more on Moon Knight comics I recommend reading the entire run by Doug Moench and even the ‘Werewolf by Night’ issues where Moon Knight debuted. Doug Moench really brought this character to life and made every story an absolute knockout. Other Moon Knight writers over the years consist of Charlie Huston, who took the character into a very dark place. Going as making Moon Knight cut off the face of his enemy, Bushman. In Doug Moench’s original run, Moon Knight went out of his way NOT to kill. But Huston’s version completely disregards that.

Post Huston, Gregg Hurwittz took on the character in a redemption arc called, “Vengeance of the Moon Knight.” The story of Moon Knight coming back to New York after hiding from S.H.I.E.L.D, the Thunderbolts and other people that were after him. Moon Knight has visions of Khonsu begging him to kill again and Moon Knight refuses. Along with no longer killing, another change this run made was that “Jake Lockley” was the only other personality that Moon Knight had.

Around 2015, writers Warren Ellis and Jeff Lemire started their take on the character. Ellis had some really good stories but his version of Moon Knight was very violent, even after the Vengeance of the Moon Knight arc. That arc was written to make Moon Knight go back to his heroic roots. And Ellis keeps that in mind, making sure that Moon Knight doesn’t kill. But he absolutely brutalizes people. Moon Knight even hit a random thug with his moon shaped jet. It doesn’t say if he lived or died but it’s safe to assume it was the latter.

Lemire took Moon Knight into a strange direction. Making Moon Knight fight zombies while wearing bone armor and fighting sleep paralysis demons (that’s not much of an exaggeration). This run is wildly loved by marvel fans, although I still prefer the original run more.

Another change Ellis made was that he created a new personality for Moon Knight. Creating Mr. Knight. It’s just Moon Knight in a white tuxedo and a mask. The idea is a lot of fun, but it has overstayed its welcome. It was only meant for that one-story arc, but still is seen constantly and can overshadow the original costume at times. It’s like if Spider-Man only wore his black suit and never the classic red and blue one.

Moon Knight has a very long and complex history in Marvel Comics, and the upcoming Disney+ show is a great opportunity for a more mainstream audience to discover an absolutely fantastic character. However, I have my reserves.

The MCU has a lot of power over the comics and I fear if the show screws up Moon Knight, it will skew how writers write him after the shows release. For example, Iron Man was fairly unpopular prior to the movies. When the character blew up in popularity due to Robert Downey Jr’s awesome performance, it in turn caused Marvel to now write Iron Man to be more like RDJ.

As a huge Moon Knight fan, I’m hopeful for a great show on Disney+. However, I’m okay if the show isn’t good, as long as it doesn’t affect the comics.

The Week For Chase – Sep. 7 – Sep. 11

Written by chase bridges

What have I been personally watching and doing this week? I’m glad you asked.

If you have read my recent article talking about DC Universe and how underrated of a streaming service it is, It’s no surprise that I have been spending my week watching the comic book based streaming service.

I started binge watching the show Titans, a live action show based around the adventures of the popular comic book team of sidekick heroes. The show is rated MA meaning that everything flies, and boy does it make this show fun to watch.

My favorite DC hero is and always has been Dick Grayson. Whether it’s as Robin, Batman’s sidekick. Or as Nightwing, who he later becomes after leaving the bat’s side. I have always loved watching and reading everything he is in.

This show is the second live action version of Dick, the first being Chris O’Donnell in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. This version is played by Brenton Thwaites (Pirates of the Caribbean) and I personally think he absolutely kills this role. The rest of the cast is awesome as well, and getting to see a live action version of Beast Boy is super exciting for any fan of the animated series Teen Titans.

After finishing the first season thinking they were struggling to find their footing as a show, I was blown away this week by the second season. I am having a blast watching this show.

Another thing that I’ve been up to this week is reading comics on the DC Universe app. Going through classic storylines of the Batman comics such as The Long Halloween has been a fun way to pass the time when I’m bored in my classes.

Speaking of comics, I visited my local comic shop this week and bought the first issue of Batman: Three Jokers. It came out two weeks ago, so I was a bit slow getting my copy, but boy am I glad I did.

My spoiler free review of the issue is this: It’s awesome. Jason Todd as Red Hood is awesome in it, and so is the story of fighting three different Jokers. I am very excited for the next issue, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Batman Comics.

My week has pretty much consisted of being at school (it’s my last year of college baby) and working at my job and on Exciting Incident. It’s been a pretty busy week but I’m really excited to be working on Exciting Incident.

The reason I started this blog was to both give myself a creative outlet in order to speak about things I’m passionate about, and also to start some sort of business that relates to my major, which is Digital Media.

Something that I really want to accomplish with Exciting Incident, is to not just be another source of negitivity when it comes to opinions and news of Film and Television. All the time scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all I see is how much people hated (place movie here) or how (place tv show here) is the worst show ever.

I can’t even count the amount of times I watched a movie that everyone online trashed, and actually really enjoyed. Film and Television is art, and art is subjective to the audience. I don’t want to tell people how they should feel about a new movie. I want to be a place where you can read interesting opinions and news about your favorite films, shows, actors, and entertainers.

A fun place where we can all just enjoy things and not worry about what rotten tomatoes gave it… Except The Office. I hate The Office.

DC Universe – The Underrated Streaming Service


Comic book movies and shows flood modern entertainment like nobody’s business. Major studios like Disney and Warner Bros. have used their Marvel and DC properties to pave the way for other comic based properties to thrive in modern entertainment.

Every streaming service has at least one comic based universe topping their charts whether it be Netflix with their plethora of comic based originals such as ‘The Umbrella Academy’ or ‘Locke and Key’. Or Amazon Prime with their very popular ‘The Boys.’

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

It is no surprise to anyone that all of these streaming services and studios are trying to get their hands on a comic book universe so they can capitalize on the boom brought on by the MCU. So with this large fascination with comic books, how are actual comic book companies doing?

On September 15th 2018, DC released their own streaming service. DC Universe. For only $7.99 a month (or $74.99 per year) DC gives you access to not only thousands upon thousands of digital comics to read, but they also have original DC programming based on their famous heroes.

This streaming service is a must have for anyone who is a die hard DC comics fan, or even someone looking to get into it. Let’s talk about some of the really awesome things that have made DC Universe my favorite subscription every month.

Titans (2018)

DC universe originals

Original programming is a must have in the competitive market against Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, etc. So what has DC Universe brought to the table? Awesome DC Shows. No I’m not talking about the CW’s Arrow-verse.

This is a collection of shows consisting of Titans (2018-Current) a live action show based around the adventures of the very popular superhero team Teen Titans. Giving us our first live action Robin since Chris O’Donnell did that strange older version in Batman Forever. This is a badass show that after struggling to find its footing in the first season, gives us a phenomenal second season. The show has been renewed for season 3.

Using an episode of Titans as a back-door pilot, Doom Patrol (2019-Current) was introduced into the live action DC Universe original programming. A really fun show that features another popular superhero team consisting of Cyborg, Robot-Man, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman, and more.

In the live action collection is also Swamp Thing (2019) which was cancelled after the first season and their latest show Star Girl. (2020-Current) These provide a well rounded group of fun shows highlighting some fan favorite and unknown DC heroes.

Harley Quinn (2019)

Its not just live action shows that DC is creating for their service. Their animated originals, Harley Quinn (2019-Current) and Young Justice Outsiders (Season 3) are really awesome shows that add comedy and action to DC Universe’s original content.

Stream old dc shows and movies

Batman The Animated Series (1992)

Let me preface this by saying that in order to watch the DCEU and other Warner Bros released feature films, you would have to go to HBO Max. But if you are a fan of the DC animated series and films such as Batman: The Animated Series and new Justice League: Dark then this is a great place to watch them.

They have all of their classic fan favorite series such as:

BAtman beyond

The new adventures of superman

teen titans

static shock

All of these and a whole lot more! The collection of DC animation is a must have for anyone that loved these shows as a kid, or even wanting to experience them for the first time.

Digital comics

DC Universe has a collection of over 22,000 digital versions of their comic collection. You can read classic storylines for your favorite heroes (and villains) that span decades. It is an easy to use interface that makes reading comics enjoyable on your phone or on your computer.

The amount of comics availble can be quite overwhelming, especially to someone who is just now getting into them. DC Universe has a very easy to understand comic homepage that shows you trending comics, classic storylines, and recent releases. Making it easier than ever to find something to enjoy.

DC Universe has been a personal favorite of mine recently as I have been trying to get my hands on anything and everything DC ever since all of the excitement formed from the DC Fandome event last month. What do you think of DC Universe? Are you thinking of subscribing? Tell us about it!