William Jackson Harper Should Be Superman


This week it was released that Warner Bros were looking for a black actor to lead their new Superman film. This was a big blow to fans of Henry Cavill as the Son of Krypton, as it means that the studio has officially moved on from his portrayal.

DC has been all over the place recently when it comes to their Extended Universe. Even though The Snyder Cut was a huge success, they say that they are diving deep into the multiverse, and plan on taking the DCEU into a new direction. It appears that casting a new Superman is a step in that new direction.

Many fans are very strongly against this idea, while some are excited! Creating different fan casts of who they would like to see as the new “Man of Steel”. The top of almost everyone’s list is Michael B. Jordan.

Michael B. Jordan would make a fantastic Superman, however he made it clear in several interviews that he has no intentions of taking on the role. So who would make a great Superman?

Look no further than The Good Place’s William Jackson Harper. An actor who could easily create an amazingly awkward and nerdy Clark Kent (Or Calvin Ellis, etc. if he plays a Superman from the multiverse.) Harper is also very physically capable, having the physique that would be needed to portray everyone’s favorite Krypton.

Harper has proved himself to be a fantastic actor with roles such as Chidi in The Good Place, and Josh in the 2019 horror film Midsommar. All he needs now is a breakthrough role to really solidify himself as a blockbuster star.

He is also 41 years old, but has the appearance of someone as young as say, The Batman star Robert Pattinson. Meaning that Superman’s age could be whatever the writer wants it to be.

Speaking of the upcoming The Batman movie, it is reported that it will take place in its own universe apart from the DCEU. Perhaps this new version of Superman will do the same. Or maybe, this Superman is apart of the new universe that Matt Reeves is kicking off with his The Batman film.

There are so many talented black actors in Hollywood that could take up the mantle of Superman. Who do you hope takes up the cape? William Jackson Harper? Or do you have someone else in mind? Let us know!

Who Will Be the First One Dead in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad


James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is set to release in theatres and on HBO Max on August 6th, 2021. With Gunn’s version of the DC antihero team coming out soon, his twitter has been filled with jokes and Q n A’s that have been very clear that no character is safe.

Tons of film and comic book fans have been trying to predict which characters will live, and which will die. All that speculation may be pointless because by the end of the film, maybe every single character ends up dead. The question that should be on everyones mind is, “which character will die first?

When looking at the different villains that Gunn has pulled from the pages of DC Comics, there are some who just scream “kill me.” For example, T.D.K, a super-villain who can detach his own arms and use them as weapons.

One thing that definitely helps us is the trailers that have been released. The trailers show a team that consists of characters like Weasel, Javelin, and Savant who seem to go on a mission. A team that is lacking some of the “main characters” like Harley Quinn and Bloodsport.

It is very likely that this first team completely fails their mission and all die. Causing Amanda Waller to call in a new Suicide Squad to try and save the day.

In order to figure out which of these suicidal comic characters will hit the chopping block first, let’s run down the confirmed members of the squad.

harley quinn

This will be the third film that Margot Robbie plays the role of Harley Quinn, and due to the world wide popularity of the character, it is safe to say that Dr. Quinzel will be making it passed the first five minutes of the film.

It should be safe to assume that Harley will be a major character, if not the main character of the film. And with that, will be a major part of the plot leading deep into the film’s runtime.


Having a huge star like Idris Elba in your film would usually guarantee survival all the way until the end. However, this isn’t just any movie. While it is entirely possible that Bloodsport meets his demise at some point during the action of the film, it will most likely not be the first death that we see.

From the different trailers and tv spots that have come out so far in promotion of the movie, Elba’s Bloodsport seems to play a key role in the plot. Making it safe to assume that he will not be the first squad member to meet their maker.


John Cena’s Peacemaker has already made it’s mark on the DCEU. Getting green lit for his own original series on HBO Max before the movie has even come out. This doesn’t mean that Peacemaker won’t die in the film however, as the show has not been confirmed to take place before or after the events of The Suicide Squad.

In the trailers released for the film, we see Peacemaker quite often. Having several very memorable and hilarious lines throughout. Another thing to notice, is that in the trailers we see Peacemaker participating in moments that seem to be pretty far into the movie. Meaning that the fan favorite “douchey Captain America” will not be the first death.

Rick flag

Rick Flag is not a super villain, he’s a soldier. He is also the leader of The Suicide Squad, in charge of keeping everyone in line. Or else he will blow their heads off…literally. After surviving the events of the first Suicide Squad movie, maybe Rick Flag can overcome the odds and do it again.

Gunn has made it clear that Flag is of course at risk to die, just like everyone else. Flag is also a part of that first “squad” who will most likely not make it out alive. However, considering he is the man who is leading the group on the mission, we can rest easy knowing that he (probably) won’t be the first to go.

king shark

King Shark has quickly become a huge fan favorite, just from the trailers alone. People are in love with his character design, and his voice actor being Sylvester Stallone doesn’t hurt either.

The trailers that have everyone falling in love with him are showing him in some scenes that appear to be later on in the film. Giving us the impression that he is going to survive for at least an hour or so.

Captain boomerang

Captain Boomerang is returning from the first suicide squad movie, and it’s safe to assume it will be his last. This character may be used to show the audience that just because someone was in the first film, it doesn’t protect them in this one.

He shows up in the trailers, but not much. The parts of the trailer that he appears in, seem to be in the beginning half on the film with that “first squad” we keep talking about. Meaning that his death pretty inevitable, but most likely not the first.


Thinker seems to have some sort of villain role in this film. Looking at the trailers it appears that he joins the squad after everyone else, and doesn’t seem to be very trusted by the rest of the squad members.

Seeing as he joins the team later on, surely someone has already kicked the bucket by the time he shows up on screen. Definitely not the first to die.

Polka-dot man

Polka-Dot Man has a pretty intense moment in the trailer that makes it pretty clear that he is actually suicidal. It is very likely that due to him wanting to die, he is ironically going to survive a while (if not the entire time.)

Not much to go off of here, except for the fact that he is apart of the main Suicide Squad and not the first team. But it would definitely make for a good moment if our polka dotted friend works through his depression and helps to save the day. So therefore, not the first one to die.

rat catcher 2

Rat Catcher 2 has a moment in the trailer that shows her in what appears to be a bit later in the film. Going off of that alone, it seems that she will make it at least through the beginning of the movie.

Rat Catcher is a Batman villain, but that version of the character is a man named Otis Flannegan. The version we see in The Suicide Squad is a young woman who goes by Rat Catcher 2. With this seemingly being an original character created by James Gunn, perhaps that means she will last quite a long time (maybe even all the way.)


Savant is being played by Michael Rooker who is an often collaborator of Gunn. Savant is known for his hacking abilities and could probably serve the Squad in a technological way. He could be the “guy in the chair” who helps lead the team from a computer somewhere else.

However, in the trailer we see one of Amanda Waller’s guys playing that role later in the movie. Savant also seems to be in the first team that goes on a mission in the film. So it is quite possible that Savant does not last very long at all. But will Savant be the first to die? Not likely.

Sol soria

Another original character from Gunn, Sol Soria could be based on the comic villain, Juan Soria. Juan had the ability to unlock any lock, and met his maker by getting eaten by Killer Croc. Since Killer Croc isn’t returning for this film, maybe King Shark could do the honors.

It’s doubtful that Soria will be the first to die, seeing that she has a moment in the trailer that appears to be later on in the movie.


There is no way that The Detachable Kid will survive this movie. It is very likely that it becomes a running joke throughout the film where everyone asks him “What is even your power?” Then at a big climatic moment he shows everyone that is able to detach his arms, and then promptly gets blown to smithereens.

The trailer shows him being involved in a pretty big explosion, which will most likely take place a good bit into the run time. Making it likely that he is not the very first squad member to die. (Sadly.)


This one is going to be a bit harder to tell. The only time we see Weasel in the trailers is in what appears to be near the beginning with that first team, and while on the plane heading to the mission. Meaning that it is quite possible he dies the second they land.

In the comics, Weasel goes on a killing frenzy during a mission where he kills Thinker. Rick Flag put’s on Thinker’s helmet in an effort to stop the chaos, and ends up killing Weasel. If the movie follows that in any way, we could see Weasel dying pretty quick, but maybe he won’t be the first.


Javelin just looks like he is going to be one of the first to die. Add on the fact that he is apart of that first squad, and it’s fair to say that he won’t be making it very far into the movie. Will he be the first? Maybe.


Mongal looks like a very interesting character and will probably be a very strong and aggressive character. In the comics she is a very powerful alien warrior but considering that she is apart of that first squad… it doesn’t look great for her survival.

Will she be the first to die? Probably not, she will probably put up a valiant fight in the first mission before her inevitable death.

black guard aka dick hurtz

Pete Davidson is playing a character named Dick Hurtz aka Black Guard. Davidson is a very popular comedian, and current cast member on SNL who will no doubt be a really fun part of the movie. He said in an interview that a big reason he agreed to do the movie, was because of his characters name.

The character is apart of the first squad, and his name is a penis joke. Davidson probably signed on for a very small role and Black Guard will very likely be the first one to die in the entire film. At this point it could be a toss up between Black Guard, Weasel, and Javelin for first death. But our money is on Mr. Dick Hurtz himself.

The Irregulars – The Best On Screen Sherlock?


On March 26th, The Irregulars dropped on Netflix and quickly rose to the streaming site’s Top 10 trending content. Netflix is no stranger to teen led dramas as they have released shows like Outer Banks, and Stranger Things. This one follows a bit of the same formula, only this time we are venturing into the world of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes has seen many variations on screen, his most recent being in another Netflix Original ‘Enola Holmes.’ Where the greatest detective is played by Henry Cavil (Man of Steel, The Witcher.) In fact, if you would like to learn more about all of Sherlock’s iterations on the big and little screen, click here.

Now, only six months after the last version of Holmes, we have gotten a brand new take on the iconic character. ‘The Irregulars’ is based on the “Baker Street Irregulars” a group of London street kids that Sherlock Holmes hired in three different Arthur Conan Doyle novels.

This show follows these London street kids, and adds a bit more to the lore around them. We watch as these kids are hired by Dr. Watson (Sherlock’s trusted friend and confidant) to try to solve supernatural mysteries. The show has a really fun group of actors playing the Irregulars.

Harrison Osterfield (far left) plays Leopold, a very intelligent young man who happens to be the prince of England. Beside him is Darci Shaw who plays Jessie. Jessie is our look into the supernatural, as she is gifted with abilities out of this world. To her immediate right is Thaddea Graham who plays our main character Beatrice. Bea is the strong leader of the group, and is almost like a mother to them all.

Beside her is McKell David who plays the man with the mouth, Spike. Spike is the comedy relief at times, using his smart mouth to help get them out of (and into) situations. On the far right is Jojo Macari who plays Billy. Billy is a hot head with a big heart, he’s always ready to throw hands, especially when his friends are in danger.

The show follows the group of teens for the most part, but it does not take long for Sherlock Holmes to show up and make a huge impact. Sherlock is played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes and gives us a version of Holmes that we have not seen a lot on screen. The Sherlock Holmes character is known to do drugs, especially cocaine, as Sherlock’s drug usage was first mentioned in four of the early stories published in 1890, and 1891 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

This show takes that and really runs with it. Making Sherlock Holmes a full on junkie who has spent the last twenty-five years as a drugged shell of himself. Unable to think and deduce as well as he used to, we watch how a man who was so great, let his ego and his intelligence destroy him. Lloyd-Hughes does an absolutely fantastic job bringing this character to life.

At one point we see a flashback to Holmes at his best, solving a mystery with the brilliance that we have come to know from the character. In this scene, we jump in as Holmes figures out the case with a charisma that makes you understand just how amazing he really is. This scene is my personal favorite depiction of Sherlock Holmes. The way he talks, the way he explains what just happened, the way he looks, it is exactly what you would want out of a Sherlock Holmes.

We only get to see this young, brilliant Sherlock Holmes a few times throughout the show but that doesn’t mean that the older burnout version isn’t just as fun to watch. We get to see a man who was once so promising, and so brilliant be reduced to nothing due to grief and we genuinely feel for him when he gets emotional.

This is very different from the Henry Cavill version we saw just six months ago. Cavill’s version was a high society, proper, kind man. Which while not a bad thing, is very different from the gritty and real version that we see in The Irregulars.

This family makes me want to murder people. — Stubborn

Likely the most famous version of the character on screen is Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of Holmes in the BBC show ‘Sherlock.’ Cumberbatch plays a very cold, sociopathic version of the character set in modern times. This version of the character is pretty accurate to the original works, and is a huge fan favorite. Plus, Cumberbatch’s version does give us a glimpse into the characters drug use.

That version is fantastic, but with it being set in modern times it still leaves the audience wanting a time accurate Sherlock story. The Irregulars gives them that, while not focusing on Sherlock, but on the teenage London street kids. Giving the audience a taste of the Sherlock Holmes from this world, without giving us too much.

The show is really fun to watch, and I hope that it gets green-lit for a second season. It starts off a bit slow, and the dialogue is a bit cheesy at first but the second the show kicks into second gear it’s impossible to look away. The first few episodes we are getting to know our group of friends, and watch them interact with supernatural monsters such as a man who can control birds with his mind.

theirregulars Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com

Then we watch as they get more and more frustrated, angry, sad, and beaten up as they try to solve the mystery of why these supernatural things are happening in London. Add on a romantic love triangle, forbidden love, a long lost father, an abusive boss, and a southern gentleman who meets Jessie in her dreams. This show has it all, and I hope that we get to see more of The Irregulars in the foreseeable future.

Movies Everyone Hated – But I Liked


The internet is such a toxic place. You can post about how much you loved a new movie, and immediately you have a hundred replies telling you that the movie sucked. Everyone online thinks they are a professional movie critic and love to ruin movies for people before they even get a chance to see them.

That is a big reason that I started Exciting Incident. I was tired of seeing all of the negativity when it comes to film and television. How is a site like Rotten Tomatoes or your cousin Chad on Facebook supposed to tell you how YOU feel.

A good movie, is any movie that makes you feel something. It’s an art, and art is subjective. So who is to tell you that your favorite movie is bad? Here is a list of movies that the internet has told me is “terrible” but I liked them anyway. (In no particular order.)

The lone ranger (2013)

When The Lone Ranger came out in 2013, no one was more excited to see the movie than me. I was in the theatre opening night, sitting on the edge of my seat. I loved every second of it, from the beautiful cinematography, the performances of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, and the awesome train chase scene!

When the movie was over, I was ready for a whole franchise of Lone Ranger movies! But alas, the internet claimed it as one of the worst movies of that year. With it getting a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes and several Razzie Award nominations, any hope for a sequel was dead in the water.

I still really enjoy this movie and can’t wait to watch it when it comes to Disney+ on April 30th 2021.

power rangers (2017)

This one makes me angry. When the movie came out in 2017, all I ever heard was about how terrible it was. I heard that so often that I didn’t go and see it, and I didn’t ever plan to. Until a few years later, I decided to stream it and I absolutely loved it.

The movie was super fun, action packed, and I thought the actors did a really good job of bringing the classic childhood characters to the big screen. People are never going to be happy when a franchise is getting remade or brought to a feature film, but I thought this would be different.

Power Rangers gets rebooted all the time, with a new cheesy Power Rangers show every year on Nickelodeon. The show has always been cheesy and for kids, so what is so bad about this fun, new version?

I was very disappointed to find out that any planned sequels were scrapped after a 49% Rotten Tomatoes score. They are planning on a brand new Power Rangers movie soon, but sadly without this cast.

GI JOe – the rise of cobra (2009)

Oh man. I remember watching this movie in theatres with my dad when it first came out. I was so invested and in love with this movie that I was actually yelling during it. I had totally forgetten that I was in a theatre and I truly thought I was apart of it.

I’m a huge GI-Joe fan, from the comics to the cartoon series and all. So when this movie came out, I was not disappointed. I was in the minority however, as it received a 34% on Rotten Tomatoes.

They actually made a sequel to this one, but it had pretty much none of the actors from the first one and was just a “Dwayne Johnson beats people up for 2 hours” movie. I was pretty devistated because I loved the first one so much.

They have a new Snake Eyes movie set to release next year that is planned to kick start a new GI Joe franchise, hopefully it will be successful.

Batman v superman (extended cut)

So let me preface this by saying the EXTENDED CUT. Not the theatrical version that cut out 30 minutes of really important stuff. If you haven’t seen the extended cut, it’s available on HBO Max and it is definitely worth it if you are a DC fan.

The extended cut fixes a lot of the problems that were very prominent in the theatrical release, and it is honestly a really great movie. The Batman and Superman characters are played super well, and aside from the awkward “My mom’s name is Martha too” moment, it is really awesome.

Zack Snyder’s cinematography, story, and character development is top notch no matter what the internet trolls say. As an avid fan of Batman comics, this depiction of Batman hasn’t been seen on the big screen, and I am very excited to see the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League so that I can see his version of these characters again.

the cat in the hat (2003)

I have nothing to say here other than the fact that this movie is an acid trip that everyone needs to see. Sure, it’s not the best movie in the world… but I dare you to find a funnier line that this one.

Pin on Laughable :)

The movie stars Mike Myers and he gets away with a ton more adult humor than you would expect in a goofy children’s movie. I grew up watching this on DVD with my sister, and we still watch it all the time.

The fact that this movie got a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes is a travesty. How can you not like THIS?!

Cat In The Hat 2003 GIF - CatInTheHat 2003 Movies - Discover & Share GIFs

spider man 3 (2007)

This movie gets so much hate from the internet and I have had enough. Sure there was that one cringy dance scene…

Best Spider Man Dancing GIFs | Gfycat

But other than that, it was a pretty solid ending to the trilogy! Sam Raimi, the director of the trilogy, has gone on record saying that studio interference changed this movie from being what he wanted it to be. But that doesn’t make it a bad movie by any means.

The Sandman character has an amazing story arc throughout, and James Franco showing up at the end to help his former best friend brings a tear to my eye. The inclusion of Venom felt a little forced, and Topher Grace’s portrayal of Venom isn’t very comic accurate. But it still has it’s charms.

What are some movies that everyone hates that YOU like? Be sure to let us know in the comments or go and tell us on our instagram page here, or our twitter here.

Psych | The King of Daytime Detective Shows


Ah yes, the daytime detective show. A true staple of American television. With shows like Monk, The Mentalist, Numbers, Criminal Minds, Dexter, and so many more; the TV detective genre was alive and well during the early 2000’s.

Not too far from the police procedural genre that consists of shows like NCIS, CSI, and JAG. The detective shows have seen tons of different versions over the years. Getting more and more creative in order to be unique.

Out of this creative boom, we got the masterpiece that is ‘Psych’. It’s your classic, detective and partner team up to solve a crime every week show, but with such a unique twist. In this show, we don’t follow an actual detective, we follow Shawn Spencer. Shawn is a fun loving, irresponsible, regular guy, who just so happens to have ‘Heightened Observational Skills.’

Psych Shawn GIF - Psych Shawn BurtonGuster - Discover & Share GIFs

Shawn is basically Sherlock Holmes, without all of the pretentious intelligence and British accent. After he gets into a predicament with the local Santa Barbara Police Department, he manages to use his skill set to convince them that he is a “Psychic.”

After convincing them, the interim Chief asks for Shawn’s help solving a high profile, missing persons case. Shawn recruits his best friend Burton “Gus” Guster, and shenanigans ensue. By the end of the pilot episode, Shawn and Gus have started a private detective agency. Every episode for the next eight seasons follow them solving cases.

This show is like nothing the genre has seen before. The show is absolutely hysterical, making it one of the most consistent comedy shows on television. The writing is always top notch giving us amazing mysteries every week, and creative episodes that make every season packed with fun.

Ever wanted your favorite psych moment turned into a gif? Well, request  away! : psych

The show is also notorious for doing episodes that pay homage to classic film and television shows. For example the “Twin Peaks” episode that features tons of the original cast of the original 90’s show. They have a Friday the 13th episode (with a serial killer in a mask and all.)

A ‘Hangover’ episode, ‘Blair Witch Project’ episode, ‘Exorcist’ episode, ‘The Shining’ episode, ‘Jaws’ episode, and tons of Alfred Hitchcock homages.

The show is a love story to good storytelling. It builds an entire world with tons of characters (both main cast and reoccurring guests) that you fall in love with every time they are on screen. The show also gives us long arcing storylines with romances, serial killers that keep getting away, and a father son relationship that builds so slowly and carefully that it’s like you are watching it in real time.

The inside jokes that this show makes are legendary, and you can tell the real life friendship of James Roday and Dule Hill as their characters Shawn and Gus very clearly through their chemistry.

The show doesn’t stop at just syndicated television either, with a musical and two TV movies. The world that show creator Steve Franks has built is truly remarkable, and it is highlighted by an amazing cast that all love the show as much as fans do.

Steve Franks has claimed that he isn’t done after two movies, he and the cast would love to keep making the movies over the years. That is something that I am really looking forward to personally.

It’s not often that a show continues to put out content for it’s fan base so long after it’s ending. But with a cult following, and a real life friendship of everyone on the cast, this show will keep going in some shape or form for a very long time.

If you haven’t already seen the show, I highly recommend watching it! At the time of this writing all eight seasons are available on Peacock (NBC’s new streaming service that is FREE.) Go and give it a watch if you are looking for your next show to binge!

Moon Knight – Everything To Know About The MCU’s Next Hero


Moon Knight is the latest hero to join the MCU, through an upcoming Disney+ show starring the long time Marvel character. I’m a huge fan of Moon Knight, and I have always been drawn to the dark tone of the comic series. It could be serious and grounded without it reaching a level of intensity and gore like a modern Punisher comic. For those who haven’t heard of Moon Knight, here’s a bit of history of one of the most underrated Marvel heroes.

First appearing in ‘Werewolf by Night’ Issue number 32, Moon Knight made his debut as a villain. Hired by a villainous group called ‘The Committee’, Moon Knight was to capture “The Werewolf” for the organization. Moon Knight hunts down The Werewolf and manages to injure him with his signature crescent darts. Towards the end of issue, Moon Knight realizes what The Committee really stands for and helps The Werewolf break free. Moon Knight later had his origin redefined in his own ongoing series.

Doug Moench was a comic writer who was approached by many different colleagues to take a shot at writing the character in a more heroic way. Doug eventually saw the potential that his colleagues did, and wrote a new origin for the character.

The new origin story goes as follows: Marc Spector, a mercenary for hire, soldier of fortune- died in an Egyptian tomb where he was “supposedly” revived by Khonsu (The Egyptian God of the Moon). Marc went on to fight his former mercenary boss and returned to America to fight crime as the Fist of Khonsu. Marc took on multiple roles to help him get information on the street that helped in his quest to fight crime.

Moench wanted a more realistic superhero that would make sense in the real world. He figured the hero would need multiple guises to get information from the thugs on the street AND the upper class, hence Moon Knight’s ‘Steven Grant’ and ‘Jake Lockley’ personalities. Along with his guises he also need a supporting cast of characters to help in his mission to fight crime.

Crawley, a sophisticated homeless man who is always able to get info from the street level thugs. Gena and her kids, a woman who owned a diner that he visits frequently. Marlene, the girlfriend of Moon Knight’s Steven Grant personality (side note: she loved all of his personalities but Steven was her favorite). And finally, Frenchie, the former mercenary partner to Marc Spector, friend, and a pilot for Moon Knight.

One of my favorite Moon Knight issues addresses how complex the character really is. In the issue, he fights a villain named Stained Glass Scarlet. Scarlet was a nun, an actress, and a villain (sort of). Scarlet uses a crossbow to murder the mob bosses that had gotten her son addicted to drugs. Scarlet managed to take them out one by one until only one remained.

She was at a stand off with the final boss, with her crossbow aimed at him, and his gun aimed at her. Moon Knight bursts through the door with only one crescent dart in hand. Moon Knight hesitates on which to go for but ultimately chooses the gun. Scarlet shoots the mob boss with her bow and the deed is done.

The man is dead and Moon Knight failed to stop it. He chases Scarlet to a train track but she gets away. After it was all over, he asks his friend Frenchie if a loser can ever truly be a winner. The final word box of that issue is that he will never know. To me, that is fantastic writing and it kept me hooked on every page.

At the top of my favorite Moon Knight stories list, is an issue called, “Hit it!” A man runs through the streets of New York punching and beating anyone in his way. Moon Knight sees the trail of beaten and bloody men and follows it finding the culprit.

We find out that the reason the man was lashing out was due to the fact that he had just lost his dad. His father was abusive and beat him as a child, and now that his father was dead, he had no way of dealing with it. So instead of being able to give his father the beat down he felt he deserved, he took it out on everyone else.

When Moon Knight hears this, he chooses not to beat on him. The man unable to process his emotions, punches Moon Knight in the back of the head. The man screams at Moon Knight to hit him back, begging for a fight. Moon Knight falls for the bait and throws punch after punch until the man goes down. After leaving the scene, Moon Knight punches a wall, furious with himself. The final word box of that issue is “And so. The drum beats blood red, forever.”

For more on Moon Knight comics I recommend reading the entire run by Doug Moench and even the ‘Werewolf by Night’ issues where Moon Knight debuted. Doug Moench really brought this character to life and made every story an absolute knockout. Other Moon Knight writers over the years consist of Charlie Huston, who took the character into a very dark place. Going as making Moon Knight cut off the face of his enemy, Bushman. In Doug Moench’s original run, Moon Knight went out of his way NOT to kill. But Huston’s version completely disregards that.

Post Huston, Gregg Hurwittz took on the character in a redemption arc called, “Vengeance of the Moon Knight.” The story of Moon Knight coming back to New York after hiding from S.H.I.E.L.D, the Thunderbolts and other people that were after him. Moon Knight has visions of Khonsu begging him to kill again and Moon Knight refuses. Along with no longer killing, another change this run made was that “Jake Lockley” was the only other personality that Moon Knight had.

Around 2015, writers Warren Ellis and Jeff Lemire started their take on the character. Ellis had some really good stories but his version of Moon Knight was very violent, even after the Vengeance of the Moon Knight arc. That arc was written to make Moon Knight go back to his heroic roots. And Ellis keeps that in mind, making sure that Moon Knight doesn’t kill. But he absolutely brutalizes people. Moon Knight even hit a random thug with his moon shaped jet. It doesn’t say if he lived or died but it’s safe to assume it was the latter.

Lemire took Moon Knight into a strange direction. Making Moon Knight fight zombies while wearing bone armor and fighting sleep paralysis demons (that’s not much of an exaggeration). This run is wildly loved by marvel fans, although I still prefer the original run more.

Another change Ellis made was that he created a new personality for Moon Knight. Creating Mr. Knight. It’s just Moon Knight in a white tuxedo and a mask. The idea is a lot of fun, but it has overstayed its welcome. It was only meant for that one-story arc, but still is seen constantly and can overshadow the original costume at times. It’s like if Spider-Man only wore his black suit and never the classic red and blue one.

Moon Knight has a very long and complex history in Marvel Comics, and the upcoming Disney+ show is a great opportunity for a more mainstream audience to discover an absolutely fantastic character. However, I have my reserves.

The MCU has a lot of power over the comics and I fear if the show screws up Moon Knight, it will skew how writers write him after the shows release. For example, Iron Man was fairly unpopular prior to the movies. When the character blew up in popularity due to Robert Downey Jr’s awesome performance, it in turn caused Marvel to now write Iron Man to be more like RDJ.

As a huge Moon Knight fan, I’m hopeful for a great show on Disney+. However, I’m okay if the show isn’t good, as long as it doesn’t affect the comics.

Live Action Boy Wonder | Film and TV’s Versions of Robin


Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of all time. There is a reason we see some sort of Batman in film and television constantly. Already a comic book favorite, his fan base grew larger and larger when he was one of the only super heroes that were able to have successful ventures into mainstream film and tv.

Thanks to all of the different movies over the years we have seen tons of versions of Bruce Wayne and Batman. We’ve seen the different bat suits, bat-mobiles, and even bat signals. We have seen several different actors play Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner Gordon, and The Joker. Tons of the The Joker.

However, someone that we have not seen a ton of is Robin, The Boy Wonder. Batman’s famous sidekick that is a major part of the comics, and the animated versions of Batman. He has shown up a few times over the years, but die-hard Batman fan’s just haven’t gotten to see one we really like on the big screen.

Hopefully Matt Reeves’ The Batman trilogy will finally give us a Robin we can all be proud of. But until then, let’s take a look at some of the great (and not so great) live action Robins from Film and TV!

BURT WARD (Batman 1966)

Adam West and Burt Ward were the first versions of Batman and Robin to really hit the mainstream with the hit show that ran from 1966-1968. As well as the live action movie they did in 1966!

Burt Ward’s version of Robin was silly and campy just as the show and movie was, but people absolutely loved it. In fact, many die hard Batman fans, especially ones that grew up watching the show and movie, consider him the greatest to ever don the Robin tights!

CHRIS O’DONNELL (batman forever, batman & robin)

Chris O’Donnell was brought into the 90’s Batman movie series to play the first live action version of the character since Burt Ward. After the first two Batman films in the series, Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) were big hits thanks to director Tim Burton, the studio wanted to make a third one.

Director Tim Burton was set to return, as was Batman actor Michael Keaton. But after a falling out caused Burton to leave the directing chair, Keaton followed him out the door. The studio decided to make the film anyway, replacing Michael Keaton as Batman with Val Kilmer.

In this new version of the movie, they brought in actor Chris O’Donnell to play along side Kilmer as the famous sidekick. After the movie came out to…mixed reviews, O’Donnell still signed on to reprise his role in the fourth film Batman & Robin (1997) this time he was fighting along side the new Batman, George Clooney.

Batman & Robin was not loved by the Batman fans, or anyone for that matter. So needless to say, O’Donnell’s version of Robin is not one that is thought about fondly. It also did not help that O’Donnell was 27 at the time of the movie, and Robin is typically shown as 12 year old boy.

They did a decent job of explaining that this version of Robin was around 17 or 18, but it still felt pretty weird.

MARLON WAYANS (Burton’s third batman Film)

What? Marlon Wayans never played Robin! While Wayans never officially played the role, he did however get hired AND paid to play Tim Burton’s version of Robin in his sequel to Batman Returns.

If Burton had not have left the franchise, Wayans would have been the boy wonder along side Michael Keaton. But alas, Burton DID leave, and we will never see this version of Robin on the big screen. But what would it have been like?

Wayans would have been in his early 20’s when his version of Robin would have come out. And while he probably wouldn’t have looked quite as old as O’Donnell he still would have been an older version of Robin.

Do you think that Burton would have done a better job with the sidekick? Or was it doomed to fail no matter who was in the directors chair?

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT (The dark knight rises 2012)

The most recent and most popular Batman franchise is Christopher Nolan’s films with Christian Bale as the bat-costumed hero. An amazing trilogy that gave us a gritty, real world version of Batman that we had never seen before.

The first two films of the trilogy, Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008) focused on Batman as a lone protagonist. It didn’t even hint towards a sidekick or any version of Robin. How could they? This grounded version of Batman has no room for a 12 year old boy in tights!

But Christopher Nolan surprised us all in his third and final film of the series The Dark Knight Rises (2012) when at the end of the movie the character John Blake, a police officer who helped Batman throughout, revealed that his real name was Robin.

john blake Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com

This version of Robin was more of a nod to fans instead of an actual live action Robin, but still! It counts! People loved the reveal and thought that Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserved a solo movie as Robin or as Nightwing (the hero that the original Robin, Dick Grayson becomes.) That movie never came to fruition.

BRENTON THWAITES (Titans 2018-current)

When DC Universe started their original show Titans, fans were super excited to see a live action version of the famous Teen Titan comic book team. What became even more exciting is when the show came out and gave us a look at the live action Dick Grayson played by Brenton Thwaites.

Playing an older version of Robin at the beginning of the show, and showing the transformation into his own hero Nightwing, was one of the greatest parts of the series. The show is still running, in fact it just got picked up as a HBO Max original and will continue to show us Thwaites as Dick Grayson, the first ever Robin.

The show has it’s ups and downs, but no-one can deny that Thwaites is an amazing live action Robin and we are super excited to see more of him.

CURRAN WALTERS (titans 2018-current)

Dick Grayson isn’t the only Robin in the show Titans. The show introduces Jason Todd, the boy who becomes Robin after Dick Grayson leaves Batman’s side to become his own hero. In the comics, Jason Todd is infamous for being killed by The Joker and becoming the anti-hero Red Hood.

The show introduces Jason Todd played by Curran Walters in the first season, and he becomes a huge part of the show. Walters plays the hot headed character so well, that he immediately steals the show whenever on screen.

Knowing where the character is headed is exciting, because it means that we will get to see Walters as the Red Hood in season three of Titans. This is the first time we are seeing a live action version of Jason Todd and it will be the first ever live action version of Red Hood.

Usually when Robin is portrayed in live action, it is the Dick Grayson character. The one that starts off the Robin legacy. So getting to see the second Robin in action has been a huge highlight for Batman and Robin fans.

Future robins?

Here’s to hoping that we will get to see some more awesome live action Robin’s in the future. Matt Reeves’ The Batman series will hopefully give us a live action version of Robin that is more accurate to the comics, unlike the ones played by O’Donnell and Gordon-Levitt. It would be super cool to see a young Dick Grayson on the big screen.

Another potential live action Robin could be brought in by Titans. If the show plans on killing Jason Todd and turning him into the Red Hood, then how long before we get to see Tim Drake? The third Robin who takes up the tights after Jason Todd’s death.

If Titans continues to show us the history of the Robins, then we could even run into Damien Wayne eventually. The son of Bruce Wayne and the fourth and current Robin in the main comic book canon.

Finally, the only other place that we could currently run into a live action Robin would be in the CW’s Batwoman show. Perhaps Batwoman will call upon a fellow member of the Bat Family for help in a future season.

So what do you think about the live action Robins? Which is your favorite? Do you hope to see one in The Batman (2021)? Are you a fan of the Titans versions of Robin? Tell us about it!

Can You Separate Art From The Artist?


One of the most beautiful things in the world, is art. Art is defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.” Art can be anything from a painting, to a performance of theatre. Art is every song you hear, and every movie you watch.

Art is just as important to life as things like science and math. The contributions that artists make to this world are just as important as anything done by Sir Isaac Newton, or Einstein. However, art faces problems that do not occur in other contributions. Problems that do not come from the art itself, but from the creator.

We live in a time where people are being held more accountable for their actions than ever before. Which is an incredible thing, and a big step forward in humanity. But leaves us with a complex issue when the person being held accountable, is an artist.

A musician whose music has moved and changed the lives of millions of people. An actor or actress whose performances have inspired countless of human beings. A writer, A painter, A poet, whose art has truly changed the world and left it in a different way than when they found it.

What do we do when these people, these artist, are terrible and vile monsters? Do we get rid of their contributions altogether? Do we try to ignore the things they’ve done and just enjoy the art as usual? How do we separate the art from the artist? And should we?

If art is as important to humanity as science and math. Maybe we should look at how we would handle the situation when controversy strikes in their realm. If it came out tomorrow that Sir Isaac Newton was a violent, crazed, serial killer what would we do?

Would we throw out calculus? No longer believe in gravity? Would we rename Newton’s Laws of Motion? I don’t think we would. I think we would continue to use and appreciate the contributions that he had made, while still detesting him for the murders that he committed.

Should we do the same thing for art? Can we continue to watch House of Cards and enjoy the show, while hating Kevin Spacey for committing terrible crimes in real life? Does listening to Thriller on Halloween, show support and appreciation for just the song, or does it also show support to the man who sings it?

Perhaps it depends on the situation. I’ve heard people say that they can separate the art from the artist usually, but certain cases give them chills. They can watch The Cosby Show and still laugh, but when R Kelly comes on the radio, they change the station.

One certain response to this question gave me chills. Stating that you absolutely must separate the art from the artist because the greatest art comes from the most broken people. And it is the most broken people, who hurt others the most.

Another person told me that they will never separate the two. Because everything that a person makes, reflects who that person is. The art and the artist are one and the same.

I think that the answer to all of this is beautifully simple. Every individual interprets art differently. Two people can look at the same work of art and feel very different things. Art is and has always been subjective. Perhaps how we decide to separate or not separate the art from the artist is just as subjective.

Maybe how we each personally decide to deal with a certain song and their singer, an actor and their film, a painter and their painting. Is an art form of it’s own.

Robert Pattinson Is In Every Movie I See

Written by chase bridges

I’m not the only one who has noticed this right? Pattinson has been in every trailer, every movie, and every tweet I have seen over the past few months. And I am not complaining.

For a very long time, the name Robert Pattinson was associated with the word vampire. I won’t even say that is necessarily a bad thing (a great actor in a bad movie is still a great actor.) After his role as Edward in the Twilight Saga, Pattinson was a house hold name. Until he wasn’t.

Just as quickly as he rose to fame, he seemed to disappear. He went from being every Tumblr girl’s dream celeb for four years, to a very niche, independent actor. Starring in mostly unheard of films like The Rover, and Life.

That is not a diss at Pattinson, by any means. After he finished his time as everyones favorite sparkly blood sucker, he went on to put on some amazing performances. Slowly but surely becoming one of the most talented character actors going.

In 2017, Pattinson was thrust back into the lime light a bit with his film Good Times, which was directed by The Safdie Brothers (Uncut Gems.) The film was a low budget, financial and critical success, receiving a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Robert Pattinson Good Time Movie GIF by A24 - Find & Share on GIPHY

A brief reminder of who he was, and how talented he is, the film caused Pattinson’s name to spread through the internet like wildfire. Everyone talking about his time as Edward, and how far he had come. He used this momentum to ride right back into Hollywood.

But it was two years later, in 2019 where Pattinson started his quick take over of the film industry. Starting the year off hot, starring in The Lighthouse along side Willem Defoe, Pattinson received critical acclaim for his amazing performance, even being nominated for an independent spirit award.

He did not slow down there, as he grabbed everyones attention in the Netflix film The King, where his role (and french accent) stole the show every time he walked on screen. Once again everyone on twitter was talking about Robert Pattinson.

His third and final film of 2019 was ‘Waiting For The Barbarians’ a film that premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The film has mixed reviews, but considering Pattinson stars along side fellow character actor Johnny Depp, it was definitely a solid move for his career.

Riding the momentum of these three films into 2020, Pattinson returned to blockbuster films in a big way. Starring along side John David Washington in Christopher Nolan’s latest mind bending film ‘Tenet.’ The film became of the biggest of the year, and the first major film to release in theatres after the COVID-19 shut down months earlier.

Robert Pattinson Australia » Blog Archive » PRINT: Robert Pattinson Talks  about first meeting with Christopher Nolan | #Tenet

Pattinson’s performance in Tenet was loved by everyone, casual movie goers, and critics alike. Even when someone complained about the movie, they mentioned that Pattinson was a highlight nonetheless.

After the blockbuster that Tenet was, Pattinson kept up the releases with his second film with Netflix, The Devil All The Time. The film is absolutely amazing, and his performance as a demented southern pastor is untouchable. If you want to read our review of the film, click here.

pop culture lovers, gather around — ROBERT PATTINSON The Devil All The Time  (2020) |...

All of these outstanding performances in independent films and blockbusters just in the last two years, must mean that Pattinson is on his way to becoming one of the biggest names in acting right?

Oh, still not convinced? In May of 2019, Pattinson was announced to be taking up the mantle of Batman in the upcoming The Batman movie, directed by Matt Reeves. After the announcement was made, it was met with a ton of hate from die hard DC fans.

robert pattinson | Tumblr

All hate was immediately shut down when the first trailer was released on August 22nd 2020, showing the world the brand new Batman. People absolutely lost their minds when they saw the trailer. Pattinson as Batman went from being looked down on, to being called the best iteration of the iconic hero after JUST THE TRAILER.

Pattinson’s future is extremely bright, already proving himself to be one of the greatest actors of our generation. If he continues to put out performances like he has the past two years, there is no telling the heights he will reach.

Watch 21 Jump Street – No Not The One With Channing Tatum

written by chase bridges

If you over hear someone talking about 21 Jump Street now a days, you would assume that they were talking about the action comedy film starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. And while we here at Exciting Incident enjoy that movie, as well as the sequel 22 Jump Street, we want to highlight the source material.

21 Jump Street was a crime drama that aired from 1987 to 1991. The show centered around a group of baby-faced cops who went undercover in local high schools solving crimes. The show gained tons of popularity due to its tackling of real life issues, and of course jump-started the career of Johnny Depp.

Depp played the lead, Tom Hanson. A young cop with anger issues after the death of his father turns him into the hardest working cadet at the academy. Along with Sergeant Hoffs (played by Holly Robinson), Officer Penhall (played by Peter DeLuise), Sergeant Ioki (played by Dustin Nguyen), and being led by Captain Adam Fuller (played by Steven Williams), the team went on to a five season run before eventually being cancelled.

The first half of season one, did not age well watching it back in 2020. However, the second half of the season has a huge increase in the writing which causes the show to become the classic that it is. Getting to watch Johnny Depp take on different under cover identities in the effort of catching the bad guy is extremely fun, and really shows how great of an actor he was and still is.

The show did something that a lot of current shows often fail to do. Which is slowly but genuinely build a bond and relationship between each of the characters, making the audience truly care about the stories as they unfold.

The brother like bond between Tom Hanson and his partner Penhall has you so invested in them, that when something happens to them, you really care. Same goes with the father and child like bond between Captain Fuller and his team.

The show proceeds to get even better for the second season, having some of the greatest episodes in the series. The third season following suit by introducing new character Detective Booker (played by Richard Grieco) and adding a whole new dynamic to the team.

But as much as I love this show, there are always going to be flaws.

One of these big flaws is the lack of fleshing out the whole team during the first two seasons. We see a rotation episode to episode. This episode we see Depp and DeLuise go undercover together, the next week we see Depp and Robinson, the week after that we see Robinson and Deluise.

Do you see the missing element? They have a whole other person on the team that was never highlighted. Ioki. We would go episodes without even seeing him! Sometimes, he would show up for thirty seconds just to say that he’s doing paper work in his office. Heck, even Captain Fuller would go undercover with the team on occasion leaving Ioki to hold down the fort back at the station.

This situation gets better after season two however, as Johnny Depp begins his hatred for the show and slowly leaves the fore front, Ioki gets utilized more often. Teaming up with Penhall and Hoffs in local high schools. Even getting his own entire episode giving him a very in-depth backstory.

Another issue with the show, is after season three, Johnny Depp began doing everything he could to get out of the show. Phoning in his performances, refusing to do certain episodes, etc. He didn’t agree with how some of the episodes handled their sensitive topics such as race and sexual assault. He eventually leaves the show after the fourth season.

Depp was a huge reason that the show is as good as it is, so when he checks out (figuratively and literally) the show takes a dive in quality. Depp isn’t the only one done with the show, as Nguyen also leaves after season four.

Grieco left the show after season four to star in his own spinoff show Booker, and DeLuise’s Penhall was reduced to a minor role for the last season. With a majority of the main cast leaving, the fifth and final season did not do well at all.

McQuaid brothers Tumblr posts - Tumbral.com

This show has some absolutely awesome moments, such as when Hanson and Penhall go undercover as THE MCQUAID BROTHAS!!! or the episode Orpheus 3.3 where Johnny Depp gives the best performance of the entire show. It is jam packed with awesome crime solving, comedy, and action. All while giving a really down to earth story about a group of co-workers and how they become a family.

I can’t recommend this show enough, and it is available to stream on Amazon Prime and NBC’s new Peacock streaming service. If you are looking for a new show to binge this weekend, this is the show to watch!