Psych 3 ‘This Is Gus’ Is Official


This morning the official NBC streaming service, Peacock tweeted out a teaser for a big announcement today.

A few hours went by with no announcement until Dule Hill retweeted it with some pineapple emojis. Sending Psych fans into a frenzy.

Psych fans have been expecting a third movie announcement for awhile, as a website who talks about film and television production lists, had released the fact that “Psych 3: This is Gus” would be filming in British Columbia soon.

Not long after Dule’s tweets got everyone waiting, James Roday Rodriguez tweeted to REALLY get fans worked up.

Finally, after a few more hours of anticipation, Peacock made their official announcement.

Are you excited for Psych 3? We know we are!

William Jackson Harper Should Be Superman


This week it was released that Warner Bros were looking for a black actor to lead their new Superman film. This was a big blow to fans of Henry Cavill as the Son of Krypton, as it means that the studio has officially moved on from his portrayal.

DC has been all over the place recently when it comes to their Extended Universe. Even though The Snyder Cut was a huge success, they say that they are diving deep into the multiverse, and plan on taking the DCEU into a new direction. It appears that casting a new Superman is a step in that new direction.

Many fans are very strongly against this idea, while some are excited! Creating different fan casts of who they would like to see as the new “Man of Steel”. The top of almost everyone’s list is Michael B. Jordan.

Michael B. Jordan would make a fantastic Superman, however he made it clear in several interviews that he has no intentions of taking on the role. So who would make a great Superman?

Look no further than The Good Place’s William Jackson Harper. An actor who could easily create an amazingly awkward and nerdy Clark Kent (Or Calvin Ellis, etc. if he plays a Superman from the multiverse.) Harper is also very physically capable, having the physique that would be needed to portray everyone’s favorite Krypton.

Harper has proved himself to be a fantastic actor with roles such as Chidi in The Good Place, and Josh in the 2019 horror film Midsommar. All he needs now is a breakthrough role to really solidify himself as a blockbuster star.

He is also 41 years old, but has the appearance of someone as young as say, The Batman star Robert Pattinson. Meaning that Superman’s age could be whatever the writer wants it to be.

Speaking of the upcoming The Batman movie, it is reported that it will take place in its own universe apart from the DCEU. Perhaps this new version of Superman will do the same. Or maybe, this Superman is apart of the new universe that Matt Reeves is kicking off with his The Batman film.

There are so many talented black actors in Hollywood that could take up the mantle of Superman. Who do you hope takes up the cape? William Jackson Harper? Or do you have someone else in mind? Let us know!

Who Will Be the First One Dead in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad


James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is set to release in theatres and on HBO Max on August 6th, 2021. With Gunn’s version of the DC antihero team coming out soon, his twitter has been filled with jokes and Q n A’s that have been very clear that no character is safe.

Tons of film and comic book fans have been trying to predict which characters will live, and which will die. All that speculation may be pointless because by the end of the film, maybe every single character ends up dead. The question that should be on everyones mind is, “which character will die first?

When looking at the different villains that Gunn has pulled from the pages of DC Comics, there are some who just scream “kill me.” For example, T.D.K, a super-villain who can detach his own arms and use them as weapons.

One thing that definitely helps us is the trailers that have been released. The trailers show a team that consists of characters like Weasel, Javelin, and Savant who seem to go on a mission. A team that is lacking some of the “main characters” like Harley Quinn and Bloodsport.

It is very likely that this first team completely fails their mission and all die. Causing Amanda Waller to call in a new Suicide Squad to try and save the day.

In order to figure out which of these suicidal comic characters will hit the chopping block first, let’s run down the confirmed members of the squad.

harley quinn

This will be the third film that Margot Robbie plays the role of Harley Quinn, and due to the world wide popularity of the character, it is safe to say that Dr. Quinzel will be making it passed the first five minutes of the film.

It should be safe to assume that Harley will be a major character, if not the main character of the film. And with that, will be a major part of the plot leading deep into the film’s runtime.


Having a huge star like Idris Elba in your film would usually guarantee survival all the way until the end. However, this isn’t just any movie. While it is entirely possible that Bloodsport meets his demise at some point during the action of the film, it will most likely not be the first death that we see.

From the different trailers and tv spots that have come out so far in promotion of the movie, Elba’s Bloodsport seems to play a key role in the plot. Making it safe to assume that he will not be the first squad member to meet their maker.


John Cena’s Peacemaker has already made it’s mark on the DCEU. Getting green lit for his own original series on HBO Max before the movie has even come out. This doesn’t mean that Peacemaker won’t die in the film however, as the show has not been confirmed to take place before or after the events of The Suicide Squad.

In the trailers released for the film, we see Peacemaker quite often. Having several very memorable and hilarious lines throughout. Another thing to notice, is that in the trailers we see Peacemaker participating in moments that seem to be pretty far into the movie. Meaning that the fan favorite “douchey Captain America” will not be the first death.

Rick flag

Rick Flag is not a super villain, he’s a soldier. He is also the leader of The Suicide Squad, in charge of keeping everyone in line. Or else he will blow their heads off…literally. After surviving the events of the first Suicide Squad movie, maybe Rick Flag can overcome the odds and do it again.

Gunn has made it clear that Flag is of course at risk to die, just like everyone else. Flag is also a part of that first “squad” who will most likely not make it out alive. However, considering he is the man who is leading the group on the mission, we can rest easy knowing that he (probably) won’t be the first to go.

king shark

King Shark has quickly become a huge fan favorite, just from the trailers alone. People are in love with his character design, and his voice actor being Sylvester Stallone doesn’t hurt either.

The trailers that have everyone falling in love with him are showing him in some scenes that appear to be later on in the film. Giving us the impression that he is going to survive for at least an hour or so.

Captain boomerang

Captain Boomerang is returning from the first suicide squad movie, and it’s safe to assume it will be his last. This character may be used to show the audience that just because someone was in the first film, it doesn’t protect them in this one.

He shows up in the trailers, but not much. The parts of the trailer that he appears in, seem to be in the beginning half on the film with that “first squad” we keep talking about. Meaning that his death pretty inevitable, but most likely not the first.


Thinker seems to have some sort of villain role in this film. Looking at the trailers it appears that he joins the squad after everyone else, and doesn’t seem to be very trusted by the rest of the squad members.

Seeing as he joins the team later on, surely someone has already kicked the bucket by the time he shows up on screen. Definitely not the first to die.

Polka-dot man

Polka-Dot Man has a pretty intense moment in the trailer that makes it pretty clear that he is actually suicidal. It is very likely that due to him wanting to die, he is ironically going to survive a while (if not the entire time.)

Not much to go off of here, except for the fact that he is apart of the main Suicide Squad and not the first team. But it would definitely make for a good moment if our polka dotted friend works through his depression and helps to save the day. So therefore, not the first one to die.

rat catcher 2

Rat Catcher 2 has a moment in the trailer that shows her in what appears to be a bit later in the film. Going off of that alone, it seems that she will make it at least through the beginning of the movie.

Rat Catcher is a Batman villain, but that version of the character is a man named Otis Flannegan. The version we see in The Suicide Squad is a young woman who goes by Rat Catcher 2. With this seemingly being an original character created by James Gunn, perhaps that means she will last quite a long time (maybe even all the way.)


Savant is being played by Michael Rooker who is an often collaborator of Gunn. Savant is known for his hacking abilities and could probably serve the Squad in a technological way. He could be the “guy in the chair” who helps lead the team from a computer somewhere else.

However, in the trailer we see one of Amanda Waller’s guys playing that role later in the movie. Savant also seems to be in the first team that goes on a mission in the film. So it is quite possible that Savant does not last very long at all. But will Savant be the first to die? Not likely.

Sol soria

Another original character from Gunn, Sol Soria could be based on the comic villain, Juan Soria. Juan had the ability to unlock any lock, and met his maker by getting eaten by Killer Croc. Since Killer Croc isn’t returning for this film, maybe King Shark could do the honors.

It’s doubtful that Soria will be the first to die, seeing that she has a moment in the trailer that appears to be later on in the movie.


There is no way that The Detachable Kid will survive this movie. It is very likely that it becomes a running joke throughout the film where everyone asks him “What is even your power?” Then at a big climatic moment he shows everyone that is able to detach his arms, and then promptly gets blown to smithereens.

The trailer shows him being involved in a pretty big explosion, which will most likely take place a good bit into the run time. Making it likely that he is not the very first squad member to die. (Sadly.)


This one is going to be a bit harder to tell. The only time we see Weasel in the trailers is in what appears to be near the beginning with that first team, and while on the plane heading to the mission. Meaning that it is quite possible he dies the second they land.

In the comics, Weasel goes on a killing frenzy during a mission where he kills Thinker. Rick Flag put’s on Thinker’s helmet in an effort to stop the chaos, and ends up killing Weasel. If the movie follows that in any way, we could see Weasel dying pretty quick, but maybe he won’t be the first.


Javelin just looks like he is going to be one of the first to die. Add on the fact that he is apart of that first squad, and it’s fair to say that he won’t be making it very far into the movie. Will he be the first? Maybe.


Mongal looks like a very interesting character and will probably be a very strong and aggressive character. In the comics she is a very powerful alien warrior but considering that she is apart of that first squad… it doesn’t look great for her survival.

Will she be the first to die? Probably not, she will probably put up a valiant fight in the first mission before her inevitable death.

black guard aka dick hurtz

Pete Davidson is playing a character named Dick Hurtz aka Black Guard. Davidson is a very popular comedian, and current cast member on SNL who will no doubt be a really fun part of the movie. He said in an interview that a big reason he agreed to do the movie, was because of his characters name.

The character is apart of the first squad, and his name is a penis joke. Davidson probably signed on for a very small role and Black Guard will very likely be the first one to die in the entire film. At this point it could be a toss up between Black Guard, Weasel, and Javelin for first death. But our money is on Mr. Dick Hurtz himself.

The Irregulars – The Best On Screen Sherlock?


On March 26th, The Irregulars dropped on Netflix and quickly rose to the streaming site’s Top 10 trending content. Netflix is no stranger to teen led dramas as they have released shows like Outer Banks, and Stranger Things. This one follows a bit of the same formula, only this time we are venturing into the world of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes has seen many variations on screen, his most recent being in another Netflix Original ‘Enola Holmes.’ Where the greatest detective is played by Henry Cavil (Man of Steel, The Witcher.) In fact, if you would like to learn more about all of Sherlock’s iterations on the big and little screen, click here.

Now, only six months after the last version of Holmes, we have gotten a brand new take on the iconic character. ‘The Irregulars’ is based on the “Baker Street Irregulars” a group of London street kids that Sherlock Holmes hired in three different Arthur Conan Doyle novels.

This show follows these London street kids, and adds a bit more to the lore around them. We watch as these kids are hired by Dr. Watson (Sherlock’s trusted friend and confidant) to try to solve supernatural mysteries. The show has a really fun group of actors playing the Irregulars.

Harrison Osterfield (far left) plays Leopold, a very intelligent young man who happens to be the prince of England. Beside him is Darci Shaw who plays Jessie. Jessie is our look into the supernatural, as she is gifted with abilities out of this world. To her immediate right is Thaddea Graham who plays our main character Beatrice. Bea is the strong leader of the group, and is almost like a mother to them all.

Beside her is McKell David who plays the man with the mouth, Spike. Spike is the comedy relief at times, using his smart mouth to help get them out of (and into) situations. On the far right is Jojo Macari who plays Billy. Billy is a hot head with a big heart, he’s always ready to throw hands, especially when his friends are in danger.

The show follows the group of teens for the most part, but it does not take long for Sherlock Holmes to show up and make a huge impact. Sherlock is played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes and gives us a version of Holmes that we have not seen a lot on screen. The Sherlock Holmes character is known to do drugs, especially cocaine, as Sherlock’s drug usage was first mentioned in four of the early stories published in 1890, and 1891 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

This show takes that and really runs with it. Making Sherlock Holmes a full on junkie who has spent the last twenty-five years as a drugged shell of himself. Unable to think and deduce as well as he used to, we watch how a man who was so great, let his ego and his intelligence destroy him. Lloyd-Hughes does an absolutely fantastic job bringing this character to life.

At one point we see a flashback to Holmes at his best, solving a mystery with the brilliance that we have come to know from the character. In this scene, we jump in as Holmes figures out the case with a charisma that makes you understand just how amazing he really is. This scene is my personal favorite depiction of Sherlock Holmes. The way he talks, the way he explains what just happened, the way he looks, it is exactly what you would want out of a Sherlock Holmes.

We only get to see this young, brilliant Sherlock Holmes a few times throughout the show but that doesn’t mean that the older burnout version isn’t just as fun to watch. We get to see a man who was once so promising, and so brilliant be reduced to nothing due to grief and we genuinely feel for him when he gets emotional.

This is very different from the Henry Cavill version we saw just six months ago. Cavill’s version was a high society, proper, kind man. Which while not a bad thing, is very different from the gritty and real version that we see in The Irregulars.

This family makes me want to murder people. — Stubborn

Likely the most famous version of the character on screen is Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of Holmes in the BBC show ‘Sherlock.’ Cumberbatch plays a very cold, sociopathic version of the character set in modern times. This version of the character is pretty accurate to the original works, and is a huge fan favorite. Plus, Cumberbatch’s version does give us a glimpse into the characters drug use.

That version is fantastic, but with it being set in modern times it still leaves the audience wanting a time accurate Sherlock story. The Irregulars gives them that, while not focusing on Sherlock, but on the teenage London street kids. Giving the audience a taste of the Sherlock Holmes from this world, without giving us too much.

The show is really fun to watch, and I hope that it gets green-lit for a second season. It starts off a bit slow, and the dialogue is a bit cheesy at first but the second the show kicks into second gear it’s impossible to look away. The first few episodes we are getting to know our group of friends, and watch them interact with supernatural monsters such as a man who can control birds with his mind.

theirregulars Tumblr posts -

Then we watch as they get more and more frustrated, angry, sad, and beaten up as they try to solve the mystery of why these supernatural things are happening in London. Add on a romantic love triangle, forbidden love, a long lost father, an abusive boss, and a southern gentleman who meets Jessie in her dreams. This show has it all, and I hope that we get to see more of The Irregulars in the foreseeable future.

A Simple Explanation of Everything Disney Just Announced!


On December 10th, Disney had their Investor Day event where they revealed some HUGE things to get everyone excited for what is to come. It’s super easy to get overwhelmed with everything that is being thrown around online, so here is a very simple (but long) list of everything Disney announced!

This list is broken up into two parts. Marvel Announcements and Disney Announcements.

marvel announcements:

wanda vision trailer

The new trailer that they released looks super dope, and has me personally very excited for this show. This is the first of many things that Disney talked about, that shows how much money and effort is being put into their new shows. This show looks like it has a Marvel Movie budget, and it has been confirmed that this show will directly connect with the events in Doctor Strange 2.

Disney and Marvel are focusing on making their MCU shows very important in the main film continuity. This is a smart move on Disney’s part, since their Disney+ streaming service has been lackluster so far.


The hype has been unreal for the new Spider-Man 3 movie, with the idea of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning. However, that is a Sony property and was not touched on by Disney at this event.

What WAS touched on was Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This movie will continue where Spider-Man 3 leaves off, and I imagine this film is going to dive deeper into the multiple Spider-Men and other comic book universes.

The film is being directed by Sam Raimi (Director of the original Spider-Man trilogy) and is said to have tons of awesome cameos from all sorts of Marvel characters. It was also revealed that Rachel McAdams will be returning for this film. McAdams played Christine Palmer, Strange’s love interest in the first film.

THe falcon and winter soldier trailer

A super dope trailer that shows us what to expect from this show. Nothing crazy to really look into, just be ready for a fun action packed show!

loki trailer

This show is going to be so awesome. If you aren’t super up to date on all of your MCU movies, this is going to be one that you might want to watch Avengers Endgame before. Just to understand how Loki ends up here.

The trailer gives us a look at what we can expect from the show. Loki is going to be working for Marvel’s resident time police, and I can’t wait to see all of the shenanigans that can come from the god of mischief traveling all through time.

We even see Loki as the infamous D.B Cooper, who if you have no idea who that is. Click here.

“what if…?” series

We get a first look at the new animated “What If…?” series. This will be taking an animated look at what if the MCU that we know was different. For example what if T’challa became Star Lord instead of Black Panther?

Looks like a ton of fun, and just another awesome addition to Disney+ in the near future!

ms. marvel

Not only did we get to see a first look of the new Ms. Marvel show coming to Disney+ but we also found out that Ms. Marvel will be showing up in Captain Marvel 2. This is big news, because this is our first big example of the MCU shows directly interacting with the MCU films.

So if you plan on seeing Captain Marvel 2 in theatres, you will need to pay for that Disney+ subscription and watch all of Ms. Marvel!

hawkeye on disney+

Disney confirmed that their Hawkeye series on Disney+ will be live on the streaming service next fall. Set photos have been all over the internet lately so this came as no surprise.

People are really looking forward to seeing the actress Hailee Steinfeld play the character Kate Bishop in the new show. Set photos have been going viral of the actress suited up.

she-hulk news

She Hulk is going to be having a lot of MCU film vets in the show. As they confirmed that Mark Ruffalo will be reprising his role as the Hulk. As well as letting us know that the character Abomination from the Incredible Hulk movie starring Edward Norton will be showing up as well!

Not many people were a fan of the Norton leading Hulk film, but everyone is super excited to see Abomination return to the MCU! They also told us what to expect from the show, saying that it will be a lot of “court room drama.” They then teased Marvel’s favorite lawyer Matt Murdock aka Daredevil making an appearance.

secret invasion

Secret Invasion is a popular comic book crossover event in Marvel comics. This show will be centered around Nick Fury and will be about the hunting down of the shape shifting villains The Skrulls.

In the comics, The Skrulls have replaced several Marvel heroes and we have to figure out who to trust. It should be a really fun show, and I am curious on who we may see make an appearance. Iron Man is a big deal in the comic version, but as he is dead in the MCU we will have to find some other big hero names to come to play.

iron heart series

Iron Heart is the next step in Marvels Young Avengers plan. This show will center around the teenage, female Iron Man named Riri Williams played by Dominique Thorne.

I imagine all of these young heroes are going to come together in the near future for a huge Avengers style team up film. Hopefully these shows are tremendous and gets everyone hyped for it!

armor wars series

Don Cheadle’s War Machine character will be getting his own Disney+ show. Fans are very excited to see this, as his character kind of fell from relevancy after the second Iron Man film.

This show will center around the fact that Stark Technology has spread to the bad guys, and it’s up to good ol’ War Machine to save the day!

guardians of the galaxy holiday special

James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be filming next year, and while they are filming it they are also going to film a Disney+ Holiday special to be released around Christmas.

This is going to be a lot of fun and it’s the kind of thing that hopefully we will see more of in the future!

i am groot shorts

Along with the holiday special, Guardians fans can look forward to a series of I Am Groot shorts centered around the fan favorite Baby Groot character.

thor love and thunder

Although we were well aware of this movie, Disney did reveal one giant thing to us. Christian Bale will be joining the cast as Gore the God Butcher.

In the comics, this character blames the loss of his family on the God’s. So he hunts them down and kills them. I imagine we will see a lot of Thor’s friends and family die in this movie…

black panther 2

Marvel confirmed that they will be continuing with Black Panther 2, and they will NOT be recasting Chadwick Boseman’s character. We don’t know what that means, or who will take up the mantle of the Black Panther, but we know that his legacy will be honored.

fantastic 4 movie

This is the big news from the entire event. Marvel announced that they are going to be making a Fantastic Four film directed by Jon Watts (Director of the MCU Spider-Man films.)

The Fantastic Four are called ‘Marvel’s First Family” for a reason. Considered the top of the top of Marvel heroes, and yet they have not had an impressive track record for movies.

Fox had the rights to this team of Marvel Royalty, but when Disney bought Fox; it was time for the First Family to take their spot in the MCU. Fans are over the moon excited to see the most popular Marvel characters make their mark.

ant man 3 quantumania

Ant Man will be getting a third film! From the looks of the title it appears that Paul Rudd will be going into the Quantum Relm and shenanigans will ensue!

disney announcements

alien tv show – fx

For fans of the classic Alien films, get excited!! Or disappointed! We shall see in due time!

Disney will be making an Alien show for FX and it will supposedly be set on earth… so do with that information what you will!

ice age spin off

Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild will be coming to Disney+ and will be a spin off of the popular animated films.

The spin off will focus around the funny little possums and their leader Buck Wild. This is something that is going to be a lot of fun for the kids, and for fans of the Ice Age movies.

beauty and the beast prequel series

Disney announced that they are going to be making a prequel series for their live action Beauty and the Beast film. The show will center around Gaston and Lefou who are the antagonist of the classic story.

I’m not sure how interesting this series will be… but they have the creators of the show “Once Upon A Time” working on it, so I have faith that it will be good!

diary of a wimpy kid

This is something I think is really awesome. Disney is making a CGI animated Diary of a Wimpy Kid film for Disney+. As a huge fan of the book series growing up, I was disappointed by the live action films.

I think this CGI world that looks a ton like the illustrations in the books, will be a lot better version that can stay super true to the books. I see this being a big success, and we will probably get a film for every book!

chip and dale rescue rangers

This is going to be awesome. The team behind the Lonely Island are working on a Rescue Ranger show for Disney+. Not only is this show going to be hilarious, but the cast for Chip and Dale is tremendous.

John Mulaney and Andy Samberg (SNL Veterans) are going to be voicing the iconic characters for the show. If you don’t know anything about these two, I highly recommend you watching John Mulaney’s Netflix specials, and Andy Samberg has a collection of movies, as well as being the lead in the Brooklyn 99 show.

pinocchio live action film

Disney is working on their live action Pinocchio film! Starring Tom Hanks as Geppetto and a CG Pinocchio character that looks just like the original animation version of the character.

This is going to be a really good movie, and Disney announced that you will be able to watch right at home, on Disney+.

peter pan and wendy

We didn’t get much about the new live action Peter Pan & Wendy film. But we do know that it is starring Jude Law, and it will be available on Disney+.

Disney is really doubling down on their streaming service. These films would do tremendous only in theatres, but they are trying to get their subscribers numbers way way up.

disenchanted film

A sequel to the Disney film ‘Enchanted’ is getting a sequel! Disenchanted will be having the star Amy Adams return for her role! The first film was really funny, let’s hope the sequel is just as good, if not better!

hocus pocus 2

Enchanted isn’t the only film getting a sequel. The beloved halloween classic Hocus Pocus will be getting a new movie very soon!

Fans are overjoyed about this, and I don’t blame them. This past halloween season, I was seeing a ton of people talking about the first film, and wishing there were more. Wish granted!


Oh man! Disney and Pixar are making a Buzz Lightyear movie. But let’s be very clear, this is not Buzz Lightyear the toy, that we saw in all of the Toy Story films. This is about Buzz Lightyear the character in which the toy was created.

I know this is a bit complicated, but this movie is going to be an action movie starring Buzz Lightyear. This is the movie that created a whole line of action figures, and one of those action figures ended in Andy’s room sparking Toy Story. So there will be no Woody guys.

Chris Evans will be voicing Buzz Lightyear in this movie, and before you get upset saying “But Tim Allen!” just remember, this is not the toy that we see in Toy Story, this the character that the toy is based on.

When I was a kid, there was a show called Buzz Lightyear and Star Command. This show was very similar, as it was showing us the adventures of Buzz Lightyear the character, not the toy.

The show was absolutely awesome, so I am very excited to see this new movie. I hope it starts it’s own animated universe where we can dive deep into the world of Buzz Lightyear!

So are you excited for everything that Disney is releasing over the next few years? I know I am! Be sure to follow us on instagram to keep up with news as it comes out, and other fun movie and show related fun!

Movies Everyone Hated – But I Liked


The internet is such a toxic place. You can post about how much you loved a new movie, and immediately you have a hundred replies telling you that the movie sucked. Everyone online thinks they are a professional movie critic and love to ruin movies for people before they even get a chance to see them.

That is a big reason that I started Exciting Incident. I was tired of seeing all of the negativity when it comes to film and television. How is a site like Rotten Tomatoes or your cousin Chad on Facebook supposed to tell you how YOU feel.

A good movie, is any movie that makes you feel something. It’s an art, and art is subjective. So who is to tell you that your favorite movie is bad? Here is a list of movies that the internet has told me is “terrible” but I liked them anyway. (In no particular order.)

The lone ranger (2013)

When The Lone Ranger came out in 2013, no one was more excited to see the movie than me. I was in the theatre opening night, sitting on the edge of my seat. I loved every second of it, from the beautiful cinematography, the performances of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, and the awesome train chase scene!

When the movie was over, I was ready for a whole franchise of Lone Ranger movies! But alas, the internet claimed it as one of the worst movies of that year. With it getting a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes and several Razzie Award nominations, any hope for a sequel was dead in the water.

I still really enjoy this movie and can’t wait to watch it when it comes to Disney+ on April 30th 2021.

power rangers (2017)

This one makes me angry. When the movie came out in 2017, all I ever heard was about how terrible it was. I heard that so often that I didn’t go and see it, and I didn’t ever plan to. Until a few years later, I decided to stream it and I absolutely loved it.

The movie was super fun, action packed, and I thought the actors did a really good job of bringing the classic childhood characters to the big screen. People are never going to be happy when a franchise is getting remade or brought to a feature film, but I thought this would be different.

Power Rangers gets rebooted all the time, with a new cheesy Power Rangers show every year on Nickelodeon. The show has always been cheesy and for kids, so what is so bad about this fun, new version?

I was very disappointed to find out that any planned sequels were scrapped after a 49% Rotten Tomatoes score. They are planning on a brand new Power Rangers movie soon, but sadly without this cast.

GI JOe – the rise of cobra (2009)

Oh man. I remember watching this movie in theatres with my dad when it first came out. I was so invested and in love with this movie that I was actually yelling during it. I had totally forgetten that I was in a theatre and I truly thought I was apart of it.

I’m a huge GI-Joe fan, from the comics to the cartoon series and all. So when this movie came out, I was not disappointed. I was in the minority however, as it received a 34% on Rotten Tomatoes.

They actually made a sequel to this one, but it had pretty much none of the actors from the first one and was just a “Dwayne Johnson beats people up for 2 hours” movie. I was pretty devistated because I loved the first one so much.

They have a new Snake Eyes movie set to release next year that is planned to kick start a new GI Joe franchise, hopefully it will be successful.

Batman v superman (extended cut)

So let me preface this by saying the EXTENDED CUT. Not the theatrical version that cut out 30 minutes of really important stuff. If you haven’t seen the extended cut, it’s available on HBO Max and it is definitely worth it if you are a DC fan.

The extended cut fixes a lot of the problems that were very prominent in the theatrical release, and it is honestly a really great movie. The Batman and Superman characters are played super well, and aside from the awkward “My mom’s name is Martha too” moment, it is really awesome.

Zack Snyder’s cinematography, story, and character development is top notch no matter what the internet trolls say. As an avid fan of Batman comics, this depiction of Batman hasn’t been seen on the big screen, and I am very excited to see the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League so that I can see his version of these characters again.

the cat in the hat (2003)

I have nothing to say here other than the fact that this movie is an acid trip that everyone needs to see. Sure, it’s not the best movie in the world… but I dare you to find a funnier line that this one.

Pin on Laughable :)

The movie stars Mike Myers and he gets away with a ton more adult humor than you would expect in a goofy children’s movie. I grew up watching this on DVD with my sister, and we still watch it all the time.

The fact that this movie got a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes is a travesty. How can you not like THIS?!

Cat In The Hat 2003 GIF - CatInTheHat 2003 Movies - Discover & Share GIFs

spider man 3 (2007)

This movie gets so much hate from the internet and I have had enough. Sure there was that one cringy dance scene…

Best Spider Man Dancing GIFs | Gfycat

But other than that, it was a pretty solid ending to the trilogy! Sam Raimi, the director of the trilogy, has gone on record saying that studio interference changed this movie from being what he wanted it to be. But that doesn’t make it a bad movie by any means.

The Sandman character has an amazing story arc throughout, and James Franco showing up at the end to help his former best friend brings a tear to my eye. The inclusion of Venom felt a little forced, and Topher Grace’s portrayal of Venom isn’t very comic accurate. But it still has it’s charms.

What are some movies that everyone hates that YOU like? Be sure to let us know in the comments or go and tell us on our instagram page here, or our twitter here.

The History of Scooby Doo | 51 Years of Mystery Incorporated


Scooby Doo is one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time. His goofy smile and blue collar is instantly recognizable by pretty much everyone, young or old! Scooby Doo has always been a personal favorite of mine, so today we are going to break down a quick history of this iconic dog detective and his pals!

Saturday morning cartoons were a huge staple in the 60’s and kids and adults alike loved watching all of the wacky characters get into trouble! However, towards the end of the decade, cartoons gained a ton of backlash from parent run organizations against all of the violence that took part in cartoons.

Most of these cartoons that were getting so much hate, were Hanna-Barbera cartoons, and they all got cancelled due to it. This caused Hanna-Barbera to start developing cartoons that were safe for children.

Writers Joe Ruby and Ken Spears pitched a show called “Mysteries Five” a show featuring five teenagers (Geoff, Mike, Kelly, Linda, and W.W) they also had a pet dog who played the bongos named “Too Much.”

The Mysteries Five were not only a group of teenage friends, but they were also a band! And when they weren’t busy playing gigs, they were solving mysteries! The writers and artist Iwao Takamoto continued to work on the concept, making some big changes.

They got rid of the Mike character, changed Geoff’s name to “Ronnie” and then eventually “Fred.” Kelly became Daphne, Linda became Velma, and W.W became Shaggy! They worked on the title, and ended up naming it “Who’s S-S-Scared?”

The studio decided that it was too scary and passed on the show. The writers kept working on it, deciding to make it more of a comedic tone and dropped the rock band element to focus more on Shaggy and his dog Too Much.

This version is almost the show we know and love today, but it wasn’t until hearing Frank Sinatra scatting “Doo Be Doo Be Doo” that Too Much became Scooby Doo, and the show was renamed “Scooby Doo, Where Are You?” The new version of the show was pitched to CBS, and was picked up!

Scooby Doo, Where Are You? ran from 1969 until 1976 with a total of twenty-five episodes and two seasons. The show was such a success that it inspired tons of other cartoons that follow teenagers solving mysteries. Shows like “Josie and the Pussycats”, and “The Funky Phantom.”

BCLS: Scooby-Doo Where Are You?

During the shows initial run, it also produced “The New Scooby Doo Movies” which were hour-long episodes featuring guest stars like the Harlem Globetrotters, Batman and Robin, and The Addams Family. The New Scooby Doo Movies ran from 1972-1973 and released twenty-four episodes.

After The New Scooby Doo Movies finished it’s run, and reruns played of Scooby Doo, Where Are You? until 1976. CBS decided not to renew their option with the show, leading ABC to make a deal with Hanna-Barbera to bring a new Scooby Doo show onto their network.

Their ABC era lasted from 1976 until 1991 and went through tons of changes over the years. Starting with new Scooby Doo episodes along with a new show called Dyno-Mutt creating the “Scooby-Doo/Dyno-Mutt Hour.”


The hour program featured an episode of Dyno-Mutt, a rerun from Scooby Doo, Where Are You?, and then a new Scooby Doo episode that was made fresh by introducing Scooby-Dum as a reoccurring character. Scooby-Dum is Scooby-Doo’s dumb country cousin who would show up and be frustratingly stupid.

Scooby Doo and Scooby Dum

After awhile the Scooby-Doo/Dyno-Mutt Hour turned into “Scooby Doo’s All-Star Laugh-A-Lympics” which was a two hour slot that included reruns and new episodes of Scooby-Doo, Captain Caveman, and Laff-A-Lympics.

Laff-A-Lympics was a Hanna-Barbera parody of the olympics, which included 45 of their characters competing. Scooby Doo was apart of the Scooby Doobies team which also featured Shaggy and Scooby-Dum.

All of the original Scooby Doo episodes that were created and aired during the ABC run were compiled into a forty episode syndicated show called “The Scooby Doo Show.”

After ratings started to slip for Scooby and the gang, the network threw in a new character to add some excitement to the show. Just like that, Scooby’s nephew Scrappy made his debut. The idea actually worked as the ratings started making their way back up. Causing the studio to rename the show “Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo.”

Scooby Doo and Scrappy (along with Shaggy) found themselves solving actual supernatural mysteries as opposed to just men in masks for the next few iterations of Scooby Doo. The Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo Shorts, and The New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show.

After these two versions, which were a lot shorter than what we were used to from Scooby, the show returned to a thirty minute format with the show The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo. This version of the show also brought back a familiar character, Daphne. As well as introducing new characters Flim-Flam and Vincent Van Ghoul. They traveled around the globe trying to capture the thirteen most dangerous ghosts in the world.

The Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo

After Thirteen Ghost’s aired it’s final episode, it would be two whole years before we saw Scooby again.

In 1988, Hanna-Barbera revamped Scooby and the gang as elementary schoolers (a common television trend at the time), With the show ‘A Pup Named Scooby Doo’. This show was a big hit, going on to air for four seasons. The show added a lot to Scooby lore, as it’s where the town Coolsville got it’s start, as well as being where we found out Scooby’s real name is Scoobert.

A Pup Named Scooby Doo

For the rest of the eighties and most of the nineties, Scooby Doo reruns were all that you were going to get when it came to Scooby Doo content. It wasn’t until 1998 that Warner Bros, who had acquired Hanna-Barbera, began to release direct to video Scooby Doo movies every year.

These four direct to video movies, are some of the most popular versions of Scooby Doo of all time.

scooby doo on zombie island (1998)

scooby doo and the witches ghost (1999)

scooby doo and the alien invaders (2000)

scooby doo and the cyber chase (2001)

These version of Scooby and the gang were a bit older than the original incarnation, and also featured actual ghosts, and other supernatural elements, as opposed to just men in masks. These were only the first four out of tons of direct to video Scooby Doo movies that are still coming out to this day.

The most recent (as of this article) being Scooby Doo and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon. But these movies aren’t the only Scooby Doo content that has been going on in the past few years.

In 2002 and 2004, two live action Scooby Doo movies were released theatrically. These movies are loved by an entire generation of Scooby Doo fans that were growing up in the early 2000’s. The first film was actually a huge financial success and the second one didn’t do too bad either.

Scooby Doo (2002)

On the television side of things, 2002 was the year that ‘What’s New Scooby Doo’ started airing on the Kid’s WB network. This version of the show was very similar to the original, however it was set in the 21st century. Most of the original voice cast came back to reprise their roles for this series.

What’s New Scooby Doo

After three seasons of What’s New Scooby Doo, which were very successful, a new Scooby Doo show aired titled “Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get A Clue.” This show was very different from what we had seen before, changing up the art style and even the format of the mysteries.

Shaggy and Scooby Doo Get A Clue

This series went back to just featuring Shaggy and Scooby, although this time Fred, Daphne, and Velma would make appearances from time to time. The show lasted for two seasons, and has become one of the more forgotten versions of Scooby Doo television.

It was time for a new version of Scooby Doo and the gang to hit the small screen, and in 2010 on Cartoon Network, it came back in a big way. ‘Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated’ was a complete reboot of the classic franchise.

Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated

The show reintroduced the classic characters, villains, relationships, and stories while expanding the world of Scooby and giving us tons of new characters and lore. One of the most fun things about the show, is how it used the long and intense history of Scooby Doo to build a proper Scooby Doo universe.

The show also introduced a long arcing story format. Each episode acting as a chapter in one huge mystery. The show was a huge fan favorite, and my personal favorite adaptation of Scooby Doo. It ran for fifty-two episodes over the course of two seasons.

After the huge success of Mystery Incorporated, a new Scooby Doo series was released. Be Cool Scooby Doo hit Cartoon Network in 2014. The show saw our favorite crime solving best friends, kicking it back the summer after graduation. And of course, monsters and mayhem get in the way.

Be Cool Scooby Doo

The most recent Scooby Doo series is called ‘Scooby Doo and Guess Who?’ and features tons of guest stars, much like in ‘The New Scooby Doo Movies’ show from the seventies. The show is currently airing on the Boomerang Streaming Service App, and features guests such as Bill Nye, Wonder Woman, and Sherlock Holmes.

Scooby Doo, along with Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy have had a very long history in pop culture. Everyone grew up with some version of these characters, whether it be the original series, the direct to video movies, or What’s New Scooby Doo. Everyone has loved this iconic franchise, and they continue to bring joy to children every day.

The latest Scooby Doo feature film ‘Scoob!’ came out in 2020 and made over twenty million in the box office. Not too bad for an animated feature film! I grew up absolutely in love with all of these Scooby movies and series, and I continue to watch and love all of the Scooby content that comes my way.

What do you think about Scooby’s history? We covered all of his different television series but Scooby also has tons of movies that we didn’t get to mention. “Every Scooby Doo Movie” ever sounds like a great article… Would you like to see that? Let us know!

Easter Eggs Found In The Batman Set Photos – Mr. Freeze, The Joker and More


With the highly anticipated ‘The Batman’ movie resuming filming we have been spoiled with tons of set pictures that fans are taking. Everything from pictures of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, to videos of Batman perched on top of a building. If you want to keep up with these set photos you can follow us on instagram here, where we try to post all of the set photos that we can.

The latest batch of set photos included tons of posters which gave us some major easter eggs regarding other DC heroes and villains. Not to mention the pictures of two extras dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman, for a halloween party scene in the movie. (pictured above)

The picture has broken the internet, because it confirms that Superman and Wonder Woman both exist in Matt Reeves’ DC Universe. Something that was continuted to be proven after this set picture of a newspaper clipping made its way around twitter.

“One such voter who was elated with the result commented to us – We need to get harder on crime. The bus was like a hive of innocent little faces looking up to the skies, fingers pointed everywhere looking for you know who. Then the bus would stop and we’d all bounce out and then would come the eyes. We weren’t from Metropolis, we were from Gotham.”

The clipping goes on, but it becomes more and more difficult to read. From what we can easily read however, is someone talking about Superman saving a bus full of people. This is a super fun easter egg, and it really shows how much detail Matt Reeves is putting into this movie.

Another popular DC hero has an easter egg of his own after this set picture showed a poster with a lightning bolt on it. Very similar to the one that The Flash wears on his chest.

That is not the only easter egg to be found in this picture, if you notice the poster talking about “GothCorp” which is where famous Batman villain Dr. Victor Fries worked before he became Mr. Freeze.

Could Mr. Freeze make an appearance in this version of Batman? The last time we saw Freeze on the big screen was when he was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Batman and Robin.(1997)

The posters don’t end there, giving us hints at other giant villains that could potentially show up. A poster for Ace Chemicals was photographed on the set, the famous chemical plant that created The Joker himself.

There has been a lot of debate in the Batman community, on if Joker should even show up or not. Some fans make the argument that we have seen four different versions of the clown prince since 2008, and the character has become over saturated.

Others argue that you can’t have Batman without The Joker. This easter egg could very well hint at the Reeves’ version of Joker and how he could be involved.

Tons of the set photos are talking about toxin, or “drops” all of it pointing at some sort of drug that is sweeping Gotham. This poster in partiular talks about “fear.” Any Batman fan knows that if fear and toxin is involved, The Scarecrow is not far away.

A villain that was seen in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy starring Christian Bale as Batman. This isn’t the only easter egg we have pointing towards a villain that showed up in that trilogy.

A poster that says “The Demon’s Quest” was seen on set, which is the title of a famous Batman The Animated Series episode that introduced R’as Al Ghoul. R’as Al Ghoul was intended by the comic book writers to be the Moriarty to Batman’s Sherlock Holmes.

In current pop culture, everyone see’s The Joker to be Batman’s greatest rival, but that was not always the case. Getting to see a version of R’as in Reeves’ The Batman Universe is something that I would love to see.

Having all of these easter eggs in the movie, is wonderful world building. It is helping to flesh out the entire universe that we are about to walk into. Thanks to these posters and pictures, we are learning that this young Batman has a ton on his plate.

We can start to understand how overwhelming it must be for Bruce Wayne to be taking on the Batman mantle and start chipping away at all of these different super villains. Instead of dealing with one villain at a time and pretending the others don’t exist, he is having to deal with all of this realistically.

I think this is all super awesome, and even if we never get to see any of these villains or heroes actually in the films, just the idea that all of them are out there really helps sell the world. Plus the idea that any one of them could show up at any moment has got be extremely excited.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion – From Ride to Reboot

written by grace bennett

The Haunted Mansion (2003) Starring Eddie Murphy

For many fans of Disney’s all-star attraction, The Haunted Mansion, the 2003 Eddie Murphy film incites anger rather than pleasure. Rotten Tomatoes grants the movie a sad one-star rating, and many die-hard fans of the theme park attraction would agree with the masses’ reaction to the film. However, these fans are no longer stuck with this movie adaptation, and will once again hear these exciting words on the big screen:

               “Welcome, Foolish Mortals. . . “

That’s right! Disney has decided to give The Haunted Mansion another go! Earlier this week the mega company Disney announced that they will be putting another adaptation in the works with writer Katie Dippold. Known for writing The Heat and The Ghostbusters revival, Dippold is tasked with not only writing a good film but making park-goers happy as well.

Being one of the few lasting original attractions that remains popular to this day, Haunted Mansion has become a beloved classic of Disney fans around the world. Not only is the dark ride at both Disneyland in California and Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom in Florida, but the ride also exists in some shape or form at the other international parks. The attraction changes shape, but still carries the torch as Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris, as the Haunted Mansion in Tokyo Disneyland, and as Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland. 

The concept of the iconic ride at first glance may seem simple, a haunted house with a handful of haunts, a terrifying narrator, a ghost party in the dining room, some singing busts with lovely voices—But much more is revealed when given a closer look to the ride and its origins.

Walt Disney, the man behind the magic wanted a haunted house attraction long before Disneyland opened its gates. Ideas were tossed about, many left behind as Imagineers pitched a variety of concepts for the attraction. (One of them being The Museum of the Weird, which I think needs to happen, but that’s just my humble opinion.)

Originally, the attraction was going to be a walk-through tour of an old worn-down haunted house, but Disney detested the idea of something looking unkempt in his park. He wanted Disney to look pristine and believed that a nicely kept home would better suit the park’s aesthetic. Imagineers’ concept of a walk-through attraction was also changed upon a trip to the 1964 World’s Fair where they were introduced to the omnimover system.

The omnimover system is still used in many dark rides today. It is a system that uses a conveyor-like apparatus to create continuous motion at a controllable speed. For Disney Imagineers, it also allowed them to force the park-goers sight into the direction they wanted. Thus, the Doom Buggy was created.

The Doom Buggies allowed Imagineers to move guests about, and the overhang of the car would shade what should not be viewed by guests. It also provided a sense of isolation in which park-goers could seemingly experience the ride alone, which made the journey more frightening.

With the mechanics and the general idea, Imagineers now had to create the story of the ride. There are many early concepts for the story that would be told during the ride, many of the Imagineers creating bone-chilling tales that initially seemed too intense for younger guests.

One of the original concepts involved a murderous sea captain who owned the Mansion, who was found out by his wife who he eventually had to kill to keep his dastardly secret. The sea captain then starts to be haunted by ghosts, and it drives him to madness. The ride would follow this story, but eventually Imagineers left the idea behind.

After many talks, Imagineers decided to combine fright and fun, choosing to cut the ride into two parts. The initial part of ride guides park-goers through haunted halls with portraits that change upon lightning striking outside, a hallway with doors that creak and moan and bend like the one scene in the classic horror film The Haunting. All the while, riders are guided around by the ominous and always present Ghost Host.

After a few minutes, the tone of the ride changes as riders enter into a haunted ghost-party. This is the scene where ghost guests are seen at the dinner table, dancing about in circles, and the scene even features a ghost pirate captain!

Guests are then led into the attic where they meet a lovely bride who had a murderous past. Constance. Her name is Constance. Constance Hatchaway.

And specifically, in the Disneyland ride, guests are introduced to another character in the attic that many know and love—The Hatbox ghost. Mr. Hatbox can be seen in the attic carrying a hatbox in which upon one glance, contains the decapitated head of the ghost. Another glance reveals his head to be resting back on his shoulders. Gotta love him.

The Hatbox Ghost

The final part of the ride is where the tone really shifts, and things have more of a silly, family-friendly vibes. After exiting the attic, guests can now hear the joyous tune of “999 Happy Haunts” as they trek through the graveyard. Here park-goers can see the many ghosts that gather about tombstones and mausoleums. This includes an opera singer, the singing busts, a ghost-band, and even a mummy!

Upon exiting this scene, the ride begins its end, and riders are warned to beware of hitchhiking ghosts. These funny fellas also have names. Gus, Phineas, and Ezra.

The Hitchhiking Ghost

As one can see, the ride is full of story and silly tales. It is rich in lore and concepts, which is the main reason why the 2003 film made Haunted Mansion fans so upset.

The Eddie Murphy adaptation of the ride entered in on the coattails of the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean. It gave Disney the promise of another hit, but personally I find the 2003 movie to be a big swing and a miss.

The movie seems detached from the ride, having a handful of the original concepts that the ride had to offer. It does feature many of the ride’s concepts, but they’re more of a hat-tip to the ride than a basis of the story. One of the movie’s redemptive qualities are that it contains the iconic Madam Leotta—The ghostly fortune teller whose visage is trapped within a crystal ball. It also features the changing portraits, the hitchhiking ghosts, the singing busts, but considering the overflowing tales and scares, this seems minimal.

The movie is more about Eddie Murphy’s character than it is about the house. This seems to be its biggest mistake. There’s no Hatbox Ghost, no Ghost Host, no Constance Hatchaway, no surplus of ghosts in the dining room, and the house is completely different from the two originals. Perhaps this is why Disney has decided to give a film adaptation of the ride another go.

Disney has only announced the new adaptation’s writer, but lovers of the iconic ride can only hope that they get something better than the 2003 film.

Will this new film live up to the hype? Which characters would you like to see make an appearance in the new film? Do you even think a remake is needed? Tell us your thoughts!

Hurry back, and don’t forget to bring your death certificate!

The History of Sherlock Holmes in Television and Film

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1942)

Written by Chase bridges

Enola Holmes is releasing on Netflix on September 23, 2020. The trailer for the film already has fans excited to see a new adaptation of the famous mystery solver. This time in the form of Sherlock’s little sister Enola. Enola will not be alone in the film however, as Sherlock himself (played by Henry Cavill) is set to be a large part of the plot.

While most fans are very excited to see this adaptation, there is always a bit of confusion of how another Sherlock Holmes film or show is being released. In fact, since 2009 there has been five different adaptations of the famous character alone.

The reason we see Holmes so often, is due to it being one of the most iconic characters that live in the Public Domain. A list of copyright free properties that anyone can use for their novels, shows, or films.

The World’s Greatest Detective has shown up 52 times on the small or big screen over the past 120 years. Let’s take a look at the history of Sherlock Holmes in film and television.

Sherlock holmes baffled (1900)

Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1900)

The first appearance of Sherlock in the film medium came in the year 1900 with a one minute short comedy film.

sherlock holmes (1922)

The first American feature film starring Sherlock Holmes. This was a silent film with legend John Barrymore playing the lead role of Mr. Holmes.

sherlock jr. (1924)

The legendary silent film star Buster Keaton submitted his own take of the iconic character with an amazing feature length film full of his famous physical comedy.

Sherlock holmes’ fatal hour (1931)

After a slew of successful silent films, Sherlock finally found his voice. Fatal Hour was the very first Sherlock Holmes talkie film.

the hound of baskervilles (1939)

The Hound of Baskervilles was the beginning of a very important chapter in the history of Sherlock Holmes. This is the first film where Mr. Holmes is played by Basil Rathbone, who is considered by many to be the greatest on screen Sherlock Holmes.

terror by night (1946)

Terror By Night is the thirteenth and final film in the Basil Rathbone series. For seven solid years the face of Sherlock belonged to Rathbone, and this was the epic finale that shot the World’s Greatest Detective into the next generation.

Sherlock holmes (1954-1955)

The first ever television series based on the mysteries of Sherlock himself lasted for only one season, but paved the way for several more iterations for the small screen.

sherlock holmes (1964-1968)

After the first television series, the world of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson was very quiet for almost a decade. Until BBC created a Sherlock show of their own. Lasting for four years, this show was quite successful, which is probably why this wasn’t the only time BBC rolled the dice on Sherlock. (But more on that later.)

the adventure of sherlock holmes smarter brother (1975)

Gene Wilder is one of the kings of parody in film. Along with long time collaborator Mel Brooks, Wilder wrote, directed, and starred in a hilarious take on Sherlock Holmes. By the year 1975 there had already been so many versions of Sherlock Holmes to parody and poke fun at, that this film is a highlight in the Holmes history.

young sherlock holmes (1985)

After a decade in the purgatory of TV movies, we finally got a fresh take on the great sleuth character with Young Sherlock Holmes. We got to follow around a teenage Sherlock while he solves a mystery only he could crack.

the great mouse detective (1986)

The very next year, Disney themselves dipped into the public domain once again to find their next great animated film. The Great Mouse Detective. This is probably one of the most famous versions of the character as it is a beloved Disney film and is currently available on Disney+.

sherlock holmes (2009)

The next twenty years the TV movies had ahold of our favorite crime solver once again! However, this time Sherlock came back to the big screen in a very big way. Starring Robert Downey Jr. hot off of his career resurgence thanks to Iron Man, and the always talented Jude Law. This film was a fantastic action/adventure film that audiences absolutely adored. They even followed it up with a sequel in 2011, and a third one on its way in the next few years.

Sherlock (2010-2017)

The most adored version of Sherlock Holmes arrived the very next year, in the form of a new BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. This show skyrocketed in pop culture leading into a giant resurgence of Sherlock fandom. It also started the giant debate of who was a better Sherlock Holmes, Benedict or Robert Downey Jr.

Elementary (2012-2019)

The show that was heavily overshadowed by the BBC Sherlock, had it’s own solid twist on the iconic characters. Dr. Watson being played by Lucy Liu, which marks the first time that Dr.Watson was a female character. The show was actually quite successful going on for seven seasons until it’s cancellation.

enola holmes (2020)

Which leads us to the latest incarnation of the Sherlock Holmes world. The Netflix movie, Enola Holmes, is taking the baton and creating its own spin. Focusing around the younger sister of Sherlock, she goes head to head with her own genius brothers as she searches for her lost mother. This film is highly anticipated and looks to be one of the biggest Netflix releases of the year.

What’s your favorite version of Sherlock Holmes? Tell us about it!