What Jim Carrey Told Jamie Kennedy About Son Of The Mask


photo from ScreenRant

Actor Jamie Kennedy (Scream, Malibu’s Most Wanted) has been doing a series on his Youtube channel where he talks about his 2005 film, Son of the Mask. This series titled “Son of the Mask: The Untold Story” is the latest of Kennedy’s content that he has been releasing on Youtube for the past year.

photo from Jamie Kennedy on Youtube

His “How I Got Cast” series where he dives into how he got parts in movies such as Scream, and Dead Poets Society is an absolute must watch. This Son of the Mask series is no different. The series has been a deep dive into Kennedy’s experience with the film, and why he chose to do it.

The first episode was released on March 25th and is a very honest insight on how Kennedy got involved with the sequel to the 1994 Jim Carrey classic and how he ended up accepting the role.

The second episode of the series was released today (May 12th 2021) and in it Kennedy tells a story of an interaction with Jim Carrey before filming began. Kennedy explains that he was worried about what Carrey would think about them making a sequel.

“I was like, ‘Hey. What’s up with Jim Carrey? How does he feel about this? Has anyone talked to him?”

The studio explained that Carrey didn’t want to do the movie.

“They were like, ‘Well. You know. It’s our movie, we can do whatever we want. He doesn’t want to do it.” Kennedy says.

Later, Kennedy found himself at the Teen Choice Awards, and noticed that Carrey was sitting only a few seats down from him.

“I walk over to him… and I go ‘Mr. Carrey?’ He’s like ‘Yea?’ and I go ‘Hey man, I’m Jamie Kennedy. I just want to let you know that I’m doing a sequel to your movie The Mask and I just wanna let you know that if you don’t want me to do it. I won’t do it.” Kennedy tells.

I just wanna let you know that if you don’t want me to do it. I won’t do it.

Jamie Kennedy

“And he said, ‘Oh no, man. Go. Do it. Do it, man. Have fun with it.” Kennedy continues. “I was like ‘Really?’ he was like ‘Oh yea. Just do it. Have fun.”

Kennedy goes on and tells more about the conversation, click here to hear the full story.

It is very interesting to learn that Kennedy asked permission to take on the role, and seems very genuine in his offer to not do the film if he didn’t get the blessing. Later on in the video Kennedy says that he later ran into Carrey’s daughter and she said that her father brought up that story once.

“She came up to me and told me that he brought this story up at dinner. And he always thought it was nice that I did that.” Kennedy said.

Jamie Kennedy is putting out amazing content on Youtube and Patreon every week, along with his podcast “Hate To Break It To You with Jamie Kennedy” We highly recommend you check it out if you enjoy an inside look into the film industry.

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