William Jackson Harper Should Be Superman


This week it was released that Warner Bros were looking for a black actor to lead their new Superman film. This was a big blow to fans of Henry Cavill as the Son of Krypton, as it means that the studio has officially moved on from his portrayal.

DC has been all over the place recently when it comes to their Extended Universe. Even though The Snyder Cut was a huge success, they say that they are diving deep into the multiverse, and plan on taking the DCEU into a new direction. It appears that casting a new Superman is a step in that new direction.

Many fans are very strongly against this idea, while some are excited! Creating different fan casts of who they would like to see as the new “Man of Steel”. The top of almost everyone’s list is Michael B. Jordan.

Michael B. Jordan would make a fantastic Superman, however he made it clear in several interviews that he has no intentions of taking on the role. So who would make a great Superman?

Look no further than The Good Place’s William Jackson Harper. An actor who could easily create an amazingly awkward and nerdy Clark Kent (Or Calvin Ellis, etc. if he plays a Superman from the multiverse.) Harper is also very physically capable, having the physique that would be needed to portray everyone’s favorite Krypton.

Harper has proved himself to be a fantastic actor with roles such as Chidi in The Good Place, and Josh in the 2019 horror film Midsommar. All he needs now is a breakthrough role to really solidify himself as a blockbuster star.

He is also 41 years old, but has the appearance of someone as young as say, The Batman star Robert Pattinson. Meaning that Superman’s age could be whatever the writer wants it to be.

Speaking of the upcoming The Batman movie, it is reported that it will take place in its own universe apart from the DCEU. Perhaps this new version of Superman will do the same. Or maybe, this Superman is apart of the new universe that Matt Reeves is kicking off with his The Batman film.

There are so many talented black actors in Hollywood that could take up the mantle of Superman. Who do you hope takes up the cape? William Jackson Harper? Or do you have someone else in mind? Let us know!

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