Who Will Be the First One Dead in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad


James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is set to release in theatres and on HBO Max on August 6th, 2021. With Gunn’s version of the DC antihero team coming out soon, his twitter has been filled with jokes and Q n A’s that have been very clear that no character is safe.

Tons of film and comic book fans have been trying to predict which characters will live, and which will die. All that speculation may be pointless because by the end of the film, maybe every single character ends up dead. The question that should be on everyones mind is, “which character will die first?

When looking at the different villains that Gunn has pulled from the pages of DC Comics, there are some who just scream “kill me.” For example, T.D.K, a super-villain who can detach his own arms and use them as weapons.

One thing that definitely helps us is the trailers that have been released. The trailers show a team that consists of characters like Weasel, Javelin, and Savant who seem to go on a mission. A team that is lacking some of the “main characters” like Harley Quinn and Bloodsport.

It is very likely that this first team completely fails their mission and all die. Causing Amanda Waller to call in a new Suicide Squad to try and save the day.

In order to figure out which of these suicidal comic characters will hit the chopping block first, let’s run down the confirmed members of the squad.

harley quinn

This will be the third film that Margot Robbie plays the role of Harley Quinn, and due to the world wide popularity of the character, it is safe to say that Dr. Quinzel will be making it passed the first five minutes of the film.

It should be safe to assume that Harley will be a major character, if not the main character of the film. And with that, will be a major part of the plot leading deep into the film’s runtime.


Having a huge star like Idris Elba in your film would usually guarantee survival all the way until the end. However, this isn’t just any movie. While it is entirely possible that Bloodsport meets his demise at some point during the action of the film, it will most likely not be the first death that we see.

From the different trailers and tv spots that have come out so far in promotion of the movie, Elba’s Bloodsport seems to play a key role in the plot. Making it safe to assume that he will not be the first squad member to meet their maker.


John Cena’s Peacemaker has already made it’s mark on the DCEU. Getting green lit for his own original series on HBO Max before the movie has even come out. This doesn’t mean that Peacemaker won’t die in the film however, as the show has not been confirmed to take place before or after the events of The Suicide Squad.

In the trailers released for the film, we see Peacemaker quite often. Having several very memorable and hilarious lines throughout. Another thing to notice, is that in the trailers we see Peacemaker participating in moments that seem to be pretty far into the movie. Meaning that the fan favorite “douchey Captain America” will not be the first death.

Rick flag

Rick Flag is not a super villain, he’s a soldier. He is also the leader of The Suicide Squad, in charge of keeping everyone in line. Or else he will blow their heads off…literally. After surviving the events of the first Suicide Squad movie, maybe Rick Flag can overcome the odds and do it again.

Gunn has made it clear that Flag is of course at risk to die, just like everyone else. Flag is also a part of that first “squad” who will most likely not make it out alive. However, considering he is the man who is leading the group on the mission, we can rest easy knowing that he (probably) won’t be the first to go.

king shark

King Shark has quickly become a huge fan favorite, just from the trailers alone. People are in love with his character design, and his voice actor being Sylvester Stallone doesn’t hurt either.

The trailers that have everyone falling in love with him are showing him in some scenes that appear to be later on in the film. Giving us the impression that he is going to survive for at least an hour or so.

Captain boomerang

Captain Boomerang is returning from the first suicide squad movie, and it’s safe to assume it will be his last. This character may be used to show the audience that just because someone was in the first film, it doesn’t protect them in this one.

He shows up in the trailers, but not much. The parts of the trailer that he appears in, seem to be in the beginning half on the film with that “first squad” we keep talking about. Meaning that his death pretty inevitable, but most likely not the first.


Thinker seems to have some sort of villain role in this film. Looking at the trailers it appears that he joins the squad after everyone else, and doesn’t seem to be very trusted by the rest of the squad members.

Seeing as he joins the team later on, surely someone has already kicked the bucket by the time he shows up on screen. Definitely not the first to die.

Polka-dot man

Polka-Dot Man has a pretty intense moment in the trailer that makes it pretty clear that he is actually suicidal. It is very likely that due to him wanting to die, he is ironically going to survive a while (if not the entire time.)

Not much to go off of here, except for the fact that he is apart of the main Suicide Squad and not the first team. But it would definitely make for a good moment if our polka dotted friend works through his depression and helps to save the day. So therefore, not the first one to die.

rat catcher 2

Rat Catcher 2 has a moment in the trailer that shows her in what appears to be a bit later in the film. Going off of that alone, it seems that she will make it at least through the beginning of the movie.

Rat Catcher is a Batman villain, but that version of the character is a man named Otis Flannegan. The version we see in The Suicide Squad is a young woman who goes by Rat Catcher 2. With this seemingly being an original character created by James Gunn, perhaps that means she will last quite a long time (maybe even all the way.)


Savant is being played by Michael Rooker who is an often collaborator of Gunn. Savant is known for his hacking abilities and could probably serve the Squad in a technological way. He could be the “guy in the chair” who helps lead the team from a computer somewhere else.

However, in the trailer we see one of Amanda Waller’s guys playing that role later in the movie. Savant also seems to be in the first team that goes on a mission in the film. So it is quite possible that Savant does not last very long at all. But will Savant be the first to die? Not likely.

Sol soria

Another original character from Gunn, Sol Soria could be based on the comic villain, Juan Soria. Juan had the ability to unlock any lock, and met his maker by getting eaten by Killer Croc. Since Killer Croc isn’t returning for this film, maybe King Shark could do the honors.

It’s doubtful that Soria will be the first to die, seeing that she has a moment in the trailer that appears to be later on in the movie.


There is no way that The Detachable Kid will survive this movie. It is very likely that it becomes a running joke throughout the film where everyone asks him “What is even your power?” Then at a big climatic moment he shows everyone that is able to detach his arms, and then promptly gets blown to smithereens.

The trailer shows him being involved in a pretty big explosion, which will most likely take place a good bit into the run time. Making it likely that he is not the very first squad member to die. (Sadly.)


This one is going to be a bit harder to tell. The only time we see Weasel in the trailers is in what appears to be near the beginning with that first team, and while on the plane heading to the mission. Meaning that it is quite possible he dies the second they land.

In the comics, Weasel goes on a killing frenzy during a mission where he kills Thinker. Rick Flag put’s on Thinker’s helmet in an effort to stop the chaos, and ends up killing Weasel. If the movie follows that in any way, we could see Weasel dying pretty quick, but maybe he won’t be the first.


Javelin just looks like he is going to be one of the first to die. Add on the fact that he is apart of that first squad, and it’s fair to say that he won’t be making it very far into the movie. Will he be the first? Maybe.


Mongal looks like a very interesting character and will probably be a very strong and aggressive character. In the comics she is a very powerful alien warrior but considering that she is apart of that first squad… it doesn’t look great for her survival.

Will she be the first to die? Probably not, she will probably put up a valiant fight in the first mission before her inevitable death.

black guard aka dick hurtz

Pete Davidson is playing a character named Dick Hurtz aka Black Guard. Davidson is a very popular comedian, and current cast member on SNL who will no doubt be a really fun part of the movie. He said in an interview that a big reason he agreed to do the movie, was because of his characters name.

The character is apart of the first squad, and his name is a penis joke. Davidson probably signed on for a very small role and Black Guard will very likely be the first one to die in the entire film. At this point it could be a toss up between Black Guard, Weasel, and Javelin for first death. But our money is on Mr. Dick Hurtz himself.

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