Is There A Fish Tank In That Film? – Film Twitter At It’s Finest


Twitter can be full of hate, politics, comedy, news, family, friends, but more importantly… Fish Tanks. As a lover of films and television, my twitter feed is filled with tons of fun accounts dedicated to that subject. Nicknamed, Film Twitter.

One of the most bizarre, and intriguing accounts on Film Twitter is, Is There A Fish Tank In That Film? An account that posts a different film that has a fish tank in it, every single day. Some times several times a day. Surely they have ran out of movies with fish tanks… right?

Wrong. It seems that fish tanks are more common in movies than you would have thought. In only three months, ITAFTITF has highlighted over 200 different films that have a fish tank somewhere in it.

Not only do they tell you what the film is, but they also include a picture of the fish tank in the film. Ever since I started following the account, I have started noticing all of the fish tanks that they have shown me in classic movies. Such as the one in E.T. (pictured above)

A relatively small account, having only being created in July of 2020, Is There A Fish Tank In That Film should definitely be your next twitter follow. Every day I get excited to see what fish tank is going to be next.

Not only is this a great account to find all of the fish tanks of film, but it also makes a great place to find film recommendations for a night in. Make sure you go and give them a follow by clicking here.

What do you think about ITAFTITF? Did you realize how many fish tanks there really were? What is your personal favorite account on Film Twitter? Tell us about it!

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