‘Hubie Halloween’ Is Extremely Fun | Review


Adam Sandler’s latest collaboration with Netflix is a halloween-comedy focused around a very Sandler character named Hubie Dubois. Hubie is the town moron, who goes around with a “Swiss Army Thermos” in order to keep everyone safe. Usually this means just harassing the police about petty misdemeanors made by teenagers.

Being constantly abused and bullied, Hubie has all of the makings of a classic Sandler protagonist, right down to the strange, silly baby voice.

Hubie’s favorite night of the year is Halloween. Which is strange due to how easily he gets scared (See: Screaming in terror over a kid in a Frankenstein mask.) Hubie sees it as his responsibility to keep the whole town safe on the scariest night of the year.

After a mental patient escapes from the asylum, a werewolf is seen running around, and people are disappearing. It’s up to Hubie Dubois to save the day!

The movie is actually a ton of fun. Even though Sandler’s baby talking voice can be pretty annoying and hard to hear at times, Sandler is genuinely really funny. The physical comedy that he pulls off is hysterical, and he even has some really solid one liners that cracked me up.

It also doesn’t hurt that they pulled out an all star cast. Consisting of a plethora of SNL cast members (former and current) as well as some big former Disney stars like China Anne McClain and Karan Brar.

It has all of Sandler’s usual film buddies, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi. As well as some other big names like Noah Schnapp, Ben Stiller, and even Shaquille O’Neal.

The cast is absolutely hilarious, and everyone lands at least one solid joke. Don’t even get me started on Steve Buscemi, who steals the show every time he is on screen. The comedy chemistry between this wide array of stars old and young makes this film a must watch for the entire family.

Usually I would talk about how the story lacked a bit of substance, but to be honest it was a simple plot that helped move along the really strange and goofy comedy. If it was too complicated it would have taken away from the humor.

The movie is really really weird. If you try to take it too seriously then you aren’t going to like it. But if you want to see things like Adam Sandler getting sent flying through the air and hit a tree, catch flying eggs in a thermos, and then use the same thermos as a grappling hook; then this is the movie for you.

It’s PG-13 rating suits it well. It’s silly enough for the kids to enjoy, while having enough adult humor for teenagers and parents. I personally really enjoyed watching this movie, and I can see it becoming a fun one to watch every October.

What did you guys think about the movie? Is it going to become a Halloween favorite? Tell us about it!

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