DC Universe – The Underrated Streaming Service


Comic book movies and shows flood modern entertainment like nobody’s business. Major studios like Disney and Warner Bros. have used their Marvel and DC properties to pave the way for other comic based properties to thrive in modern entertainment.

Every streaming service has at least one comic based universe topping their charts whether it be Netflix with their plethora of comic based originals such as ‘The Umbrella Academy’ or ‘Locke and Key’. Or Amazon Prime with their very popular ‘The Boys.’

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

It is no surprise to anyone that all of these streaming services and studios are trying to get their hands on a comic book universe so they can capitalize on the boom brought on by the MCU. So with this large fascination with comic books, how are actual comic book companies doing?

On September 15th 2018, DC released their own streaming service. DC Universe. For only $7.99 a month (or $74.99 per year) DC gives you access to not only thousands upon thousands of digital comics to read, but they also have original DC programming based on their famous heroes.

This streaming service is a must have for anyone who is a die hard DC comics fan, or even someone looking to get into it. Let’s talk about some of the really awesome things that have made DC Universe my favorite subscription every month.

Titans (2018)

DC universe originals

Original programming is a must have in the competitive market against Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, etc. So what has DC Universe brought to the table? Awesome DC Shows. No I’m not talking about the CW’s Arrow-verse.

This is a collection of shows consisting of Titans (2018-Current) a live action show based around the adventures of the very popular superhero team Teen Titans. Giving us our first live action Robin since Chris O’Donnell did that strange older version in Batman Forever. This is a badass show that after struggling to find its footing in the first season, gives us a phenomenal second season. The show has been renewed for season 3.

Using an episode of Titans as a back-door pilot, Doom Patrol (2019-Current) was introduced into the live action DC Universe original programming. A really fun show that features another popular superhero team consisting of Cyborg, Robot-Man, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman, and more.

In the live action collection is also Swamp Thing (2019) which was cancelled after the first season and their latest show Star Girl. (2020-Current) These provide a well rounded group of fun shows highlighting some fan favorite and unknown DC heroes.

Harley Quinn (2019)

Its not just live action shows that DC is creating for their service. Their animated originals, Harley Quinn (2019-Current) and Young Justice Outsiders (Season 3) are really awesome shows that add comedy and action to DC Universe’s original content.

Stream old dc shows and movies

Batman The Animated Series (1992)

Let me preface this by saying that in order to watch the DCEU and other Warner Bros released feature films, you would have to go to HBO Max. But if you are a fan of the DC animated series and films such as Batman: The Animated Series and new Justice League: Dark then this is a great place to watch them.

They have all of their classic fan favorite series such as:

BAtman beyond

The new adventures of superman

teen titans

static shock

All of these and a whole lot more! The collection of DC animation is a must have for anyone that loved these shows as a kid, or even wanting to experience them for the first time.

Digital comics

DC Universe has a collection of over 22,000 digital versions of their comic collection. You can read classic storylines for your favorite heroes (and villains) that span decades. It is an easy to use interface that makes reading comics enjoyable on your phone or on your computer.

The amount of comics availble can be quite overwhelming, especially to someone who is just now getting into them. DC Universe has a very easy to understand comic homepage that shows you trending comics, classic storylines, and recent releases. Making it easier than ever to find something to enjoy.

DC Universe has been a personal favorite of mine recently as I have been trying to get my hands on anything and everything DC ever since all of the excitement formed from the DC Fandome event last month. What do you think of DC Universe? Are you thinking of subscribing? Tell us about it!

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