Binging vs Releasing Weekly – The Pros and Cons


On September 4th, 2020 Amazon Prime original series The Boys Season 2 debuted its much anticipated first episode. When they did, fans were shocked to see that only the first episode was available to watch. The first season of the critically acclaimed blood filled show was released all at once. Making it one of Amazon’s biggest binge-worthy shows in their original programming library.

When the second season was released as a weekly episodic show, fans were not happy. In fact, a ton of unhappy fans were giving it one stars and plummeting it’s overall rating on the site. Why is this such a big deal to the audience? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Binging vs Episodic shows in 2020.

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When Netflix revolutionized the television and film medium with their streaming service, they introduced a new form of enjoying a show. No longer do you have to wait a week to see the next episode of your favorite show, but every episode was released all at once.

You could watch the entire show at your own pace. Want to watch the entire season in one night? Go ahead! Want to slowly make your way through it this month? Even better! But with the invention of binge watching, it created an unforeseen issue.

A streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime could drop a ten episode season on Friday night, and have their entire audience finish by Saturday morning. Now you have everyone begging for the next season already.

You have to go through all of the green-lighting, writing, pre-production, production, editing, and advertising as fast as possible to feed the rabid fan base of the show that you just released YESTERDAY.

When releasing on a weekly basis, you have plenty of time while the episodes are slowly coming out to get the next season prepared.

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Weekly episodic

There was such a large backlash against ‘The Boys’ releasing episodic, that major streaming services are probably going to be hesitant to do it in the future. So why were people so upset?

I think the biggest problem with releasing episodic is that its a format for an older time. We don’t have cable anymore. The days of sitting down in front of the TV at a certain time every week to catch the new episode of your favorite show is a thing of the past.

The younger generations have become so accustomed to getting to watch their shows on their own time, at their own pace, whenever they want. It would be a hard transition to having to wait an entire week.

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It is obviously a better move for the streaming services to try to transition into a weekly episodic format, but the audience may not allow it. Todays television audience has lost all patience after being spoiled with content the last few years.

Which do you prefer? Do you like binge watching? Or do you miss the excitement and anticipation of weekly released episodes? Tell us about it!

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