Theatres Are Opening Back Up – Here’s What’s Different

Written by chase bridges

image from gettyimages

Yes I know, I know. How irresponsible to go to the movies during a pandemic. But for my birthday I went to the recently re-opened small theatre near my home town. (Equipped with my mask.)

They were showing a few older movies that would draw the attention of any movie goers. Giving film fanatics a chance to see movies that they might have missed in theatres the first time around. Such as The Avengers, Jaws, and Inception. Fun fact, they were also showing Dave Franco’s new film The Rental, which made history releasing in a mostly drive in theatre format.

I went and saw Inception for the first time, and I was very happy to get to see it in big screen glory. Not only was it a really interesting experience to watch a movie that was originally released ten years ago, but there were a lot of changes to how the theatre going process went.

photo by Eric Raptosh Photography

There was no-one there.

For real. I was expecting at least a few others to arrive as the movie started, but alas it was just myself and my girlfriend. This has its ups and downs of course. No-one to be on their phones, or talking the whole time. But also the experience of watching something with tons of others for the first time was greatly missed.

There were no trailers.

With no movies set for release, there were no trailers to play before the movie started. So instead they played a package of Christopher Nolan talking about the ten year anniversary of Inception, and his new film Tenet. I usually love the trailers, but the package that they played was very interesting so I didn’t really miss them.

Tickets were cheaper, Popcorn was still expensive

In order to get people to actually come to the theatre, prices for the tickets were only five dollars, however I still had to drop twenty bucks for popcorn and drinks. All in all, I don’t regret it. Theres something about that movie theatre butter that Ol’ Redenbacher just can’t replicate.

Visiting the theatre during a pandemic is not the smartest thing to do, however this was a very clean and safe environment. It was as if I had rented out the entire theatre just for myself, now when more and more people start to arrive, that will probably not be the case.

Watching movies at the cinema is one of my absolute favorite things to do, something that I have missed sorely the past six months. It was an amazing feeling to get back into the cushioned seats and focus on nothing but the screen for two hours.

Are you going to be visiting the theatre soon? Tell us about it!

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