First Look of The Batman

Written by Chase Bridges

DC Fandome took place August 22nd and it surpassed the expectations of even the biggest DC fans. Out of all of the panels that took place promoting and announcing upcoming DC films, television, and comics; the one that took the internet by storm was The Batman panel featuring the director Matt Reeves.

During the panel, Matt Reeves gifted Batman fans with the first trailer for the 2021 movie. Even though the film is only 25% filmed up to this point, they jam packed the trailer with tons of footage to keep us excited for the next year.

With the trailer trending worldwide on Twitter, it took no time at all until screenshots and gifs were flooding my feed. Here are some of my personal favorite shots from the absolutely fantastic trailer.

This is Colin Ferrell. No really. Makeup artist for The Batman, Mike Marino has confirmed that this one hundred percent is The Penguin in the trailer.

Our first look at Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman is not a sleek leather suit, but a handmade cut out ski mask. The film will act as an origin story for the iconic female cat burglar.

The Riddler in all his serial killer glory. Taking more inspiration from real life serial killers, rather than Jim Carrey’s version of the character is a smart move for this dark noir film. Paul Dano has already got fans excited for his big screen Riddler.

We also got several looks at the new batsuit for the film.

Almost as interesting as seeing the batsuit in all its glory, is getting to see Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne.

My favorite image from the trailer is not of Robert Pattinson, Paul Dano, or even the heavily disguised Colin Farrell. But of this Riddler victim. One of the most haunting and exciting moments of the trailer and it really gives us a look into how this film is going to be.

Are you excited for The Batman? What are you looking forward to most? Tell us about it!

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